Amazon Discounts Echo (2nd-Gen), Echo Dot (2nd-Gen) and Echo Show for Prime Members


If you missed Amazon's massive discount over the holidays then we have some great news for you. Amazon is discounting three of its Echo products again.

Get the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show for a Wonderful Discount Straight from Amazon

Though Alexa is making its way onto pretty much every device these days, the original hardware from Amazon just can't be beat for several reasons. First and foremost, it has Amazon's seal of approval. Secondly, it just works without having the fancy bells and whistles.

But all of that comes at a price.

Thankfully, for a limited time only, given that you missed Amazon's sale over the holidays, you can grab the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show for a generous discount. This discount is applicable to Prime members only however, therefore a purchase from a regular account won't cut it. Lucky for us though, there's a Prime membership trial too. So you can sign up for that here, buy the hardware you need, and simply cancel the trial once you've availed the discounts.

These discounts are available for a limited time only and they'll come to an end on the 18th of January. Make your move first if you want to populate your home with smart devices from Amazon.

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