This Amazing Photo App Is Putting Instagram’s Filters To Shame

Ali Salman

Instagram filters are great and all, but they're only good for enhancing photos. These filter are are not designed to snatch out the art hidden in your photos. Even though there are quite a handful of apps on the App Store that fulfills the scenario, not all of them are designed for an easy user experience. However, one app has caught our eye that can transform and transcend your photos into a beautifully designed art form, just as you would want a painter to do it for you. The photo app is called Prisma and it's amazing!

Photo App Lets Users Tranform Their Photos To Stunning Artwork

Simply install the app and feed the app a photo of your choice and see the magic happen. You can choose from various filters that by no means are on the same page as you would find the ones on Instagram. Prisma transforms your photos into stunning artwork that you can easily share with your friends, but we'll talk about this later on.


Prisma makes use of styles of the famous artists like Picasso, Munk and many others and turns your photos into something you cannot achieve with standard filters. Other than this, the app also makes use of famous ornaments and patterns around the world and conjoins it with your photo to give it a new direction. The app looks satisfying and pretty simple on the outside with minimalist features, but the operations inside is where it tends to get complicated.

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Prisma uses a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks to mold your photos into something out of the ordinary. If you're thinking that the app simply applies a filter over your photo, you're wrong. It scans your photo and then applies different styles that makes your photos stand out with a unique punch. With version 2.0.1 you now also have the ability to adjust the filter strength on the final result. So you can adjust the amount of filter to be applied according to your interest.

As we have mentioned before, Prisma also gives you the ability to share your soaked in art photos from within the app. So there's no hassle involved in sharing your photos to any social platform. The app is available for free from the iOS App Store. So, if you're interested, download it right away.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Prisma? Are you willing to give this photo app a go? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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