Amazing Deal: Grab a 6-pack of iClever Micro USB Cables with Varying Lengths for Under $6.99

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We can never have enough enough micro USB cables lying around for devices, therefore it's a good idea to grab a 6-pack right now for just $6.99. There's a 5% discount coupon thrown in for good measure too.

Though the world is moving towards USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, but there are a ton of devices out there that still rely on micro USB for charging and power-related purposes. These devices include phones, tablets, drones, power banks and even certain home automation devices such as the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. If you're keen on keeping your wares powered up then you might want to consider this 6-pack of micro USB cables from iClever.

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micro USB

This 6-pack is available in varying lengths of cables meaning that you get a cable that's 1-feet in length all the way up to 6-feet, which is great for places like a bedside table or a car. All of these cables are extremely durable and support fast charging where necessary thanks to its high-quality construction. Last but not the least, these cables are extremely durable allowing you to throw them around and they won't break a sweat in any case, making them perfect for traveling or keeping in a pocket, if that's your thing.

Remember, the discount is applicable once you apply the special code at checkout. If that wasn't enough already, there's a 5% discount coupon on the Amazon listing as well, bringing the price further in the $6.50 territory which isn't bad at all. Hit the link below and grab your prize today.

Buy iClever BoostLink 6 Pack [1 x 1ft, 3 x 3ft, 2 x 6ft] Premium Micro USB Cable - Was $8.99, Now just $6.99 with discount code 6QQIQT4X

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