Alleged iPhone 6 Co-Processor Details Leak – To Be Called ‘Phosphorus’ And Power HealthKit

After a brief impasse, leaks about the iPhone 6 have started to occur once again. This time it's about the co-processor on Apple's upcoming device due to be launched in September. According to blueprints posted by GeekBench and spotted by GforGames, the iPhone 6 will see an update from the M7 found on the 5S. This new co-processor for the device will be in place mainly for healthkit data collection support.

iPhone 6 Co-Processor To Be Called Phosphorus - To Be Responsible For Collecting Health Kit Data

Folks over at GeekBar have posted on Weibo new blueprints today. They claim that these represent the details of 'Phosphorus', the new co-processor to feature on the iPhone 6. Looking at the blueprint itself, not much information can be gathered. It appears to be either a FPGA or a low performance ASIC. For the uninitiated, ASIC stands for 'Application Specific Integrated Circuit' and is also an iteration for the CPUs and GPUs on your notebooks.

FPGA on the other hand stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. The primary difference between the two is that an ASIC's set of instructions can not be changed after creation while FPGA on the other hand is used primarily for testing purposes. However it's highly unlikely that the above bluperint, if correct would represent a FPGA at this stage.

The M7 on last year's iPhone was primarily for the purposes of processing data from the phone's sensors. The 'Phosphorus' on the iPhone 6 will be used to gather and process data from the HealthKit app which was announced by Apple at this year's WWDC. This will be in addition to gathering sensor and other data on the iPhone 6 of course. It's a little early to say anything for sure right now, but stay tuned.



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