All These Wonderful Paid iOS Apps Have Gone Free – Download Today


Here are a list of paid iOS apps that have gone free for today. Some of these titles carry a premium price tag on a regular day.

Download Paid iOS Apps for your iPhone & iPad Absolutely Free for a Limited Period of Time

Before you go ahead downloading these apps, please make sure that they are free in your region. If they aren't then you might want to move on to the next free app in the list.

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Toca Life: City - Regular price $2.99

Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures — there’s something in every corner!

Download Toca Life: City for iOS

iWilde Collection: Oscar Wilde Immersive Tales - Regular price $1.99

In this moving creation, three of Oscar Wilde's most compelling short stories are made yet more magical by iClassics Productions, which includes The Selfish Giant, The Nightingale and the Rose, and The Happy Prince.

Download iWilde Collection: Oscar Wilde Immersive Tales for iOS

iLondon: The Immersive Jack London Experience - Regular price $1.99

In this innovative and diverse Immersive Entertainment app, some of Jack London's finest short works are lovingly and artistically enhanced with interaction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST.

Download iLondon: The Immersive Jack London Experience for iOS

Virtua Tennis Challenge - Regular price $4.99

Take on Virtua Tennis Challenge, the deepest tennis game on mobile with unrivaled 3D graphics, tactical controls, and realistic gameplay.

Download Virua Tennis Challenge for iOS

Daedalus Touch - Regular price $1.99

Daedalus Touch is the first truly next-gen text editor on iOS. No file lists, no folders, no documents in the classic sense – just paper stacks and an infinite amount of sheets. You navigate by standard gestures, all perfectly mapped and matched to the tasks at hand.

Download Daedalus Touch for iOS

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illi - Regular price $2.99

illi is a polished one button platform puzzler. As the creature illi, you jump your way through a strange world where gravity follows you! Things you take for granted in your world is different here. illi travels through portals and enters barren worlds where she gathers light crystals that remain. The creature illi can bend the fabrics of the world and make gravity-defying jumps. Each new unique world introduces new mechanics, traps and obstacles, which will make each world a bigger and more difficult task than the last.

Download illi for iOS

Flashback - Regular price $1.99

Flashback is a calendar app with a design that can be seen in a SCi-Fi Film scene.

Download Flashback for iOS

Orderly - Regular price $0.99

Orderly displays the to-dos using the APPLE's bookshelf metaphor, so that you get a glimpse of your to-do lists without having to open them individually.

Download Orderly for iOS