Here’s a Temporary Fix for AirPods Owners Experiencing the Case’s Battery Draining Issue


Previously, it was reported that the battery case accompanying the AirPods was discharging at an alarming rate, worrying users to a huge extent. Though opting for a replacement resolved the issue for one user, what about the rest of those consumers who simply cannot find the time to get a replacement or those who live in a certain part of the globe where Apple does not have official stores to entertain replacements? Well turns out that there is a solution, but you should treat it as a temporary fix because chances are that just because it is working for the other person, it doesn’t necessarily have to work for you.

Resetting Your AirPods Has Solved the Issue But It Still Remains a Temporary Fix

One AirPods user from Reddit named ff0000-it provides the following details on fixing the battery draining issue plaguing several owners. The information the user came across was found on MacRumors’ forums.

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“If you have your AirPods inside the case, and the AirPods are at 100%, and the case drains more than 1% per 5 hours, you are a victim of the AirPods case battery drain issue.

But don't fret - in many cases, this can be easily fixed by resetting your AirPods:

Press and hold the setup button for at least 15 seconds, until you see the status light flash amber a few times and then flash white.

After that, you need to connect the AirPods again to all of your devices. If you have set the double tap to pause, you have to set that again, as well.”

Unfortunately, as stated before, the fix did not work for a larger user base as several of them are still complaining that the AirPods’ battery case is exhibiting problems for them. If you are experiencing a similar scenario and are living in a region where Apple provides replacements for the battery case, then you would do yourself a huge favor if you decided to get your case checked out. If is always better to be safe than sorry.

Are you an Apple’s AirPods owner and are you experiencing something along the lines of the aforementioned problem? Tell us your thoughts right away.