AeroCool Announces Strike-X Gaming Chassis.


AeroCool has introduced its new Strike X Gaming Chassis which is a Mid Tower Case and is ideal for Lan Gamers who have to move their PC's from one place to another frequently. The case features some cool X shaped Side Panel's and Grill's all over its body which give the case a hardcore Gaming Touch.

The Case is available in two colors which include a simple black one and other includes a mixture of red and black. The Multi Color one actually looks cool to me. Other than that the case provides pretty nice ventilation to the hardware through two 120mm fans placed at the side panel and rear of the case and a 140mm fan at the top which is used for exhaust.

The Case is also tool free and provides 9 5.25" Drive Bays for storage and Rom drives. The case is ideal even for guys who want to build up a water cooling setup as the case is equipped with water-cooling tubing inlets for the passage of water pipes. Also the case includes a handle on the back of each side panel so they can easily be opened.

The Front of the Chassis includes two USB and Audio Ports along with Power/Reset Buttons and a Cool looking X Logo. The casing has a small opening above the PSU Mounting area for cable management and a opening beneath the CPU Socket for easy mounting of the Processor Heat Sink Fan. The case has said to be released for an expected price of 60 EUR.