Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available On Apple TV

Jul 26, 2016 13:51 EDT

The Apple TV is popular in so many ways. For some it's a media consumption device, while for others it behooves them to showcase their photography skills on the bigger screen. However, Adobe is making sure that your in-home exhibitions look great. The company today has released a Lightroom application for Apple's set-top box that allows users and photographers to easily display their edited work on a big screen. So let's dive in to see what role does the Adobe Lightroom play on the Apple TV and how it can benefit users around the globe.

Adobe Lightroom Is Available For Free For The Apple TV

Adobe Lightroom app for the Apple TV is not much in functionality. You're wrong if you're categorizing the app as an editing tool based on its iOS counterpart. The app is basically a photo viewer and nothing more. If you have edited or synced any photo in the Adobe Lightroom app on mobile or the web gallery, it will be available on the Lightroom app on your Apple TV.

Adobe Lightroom

From the Apple TV, you can easily view photos individually or begin a slideshow for a specific theme at your place. You also have the ability to stop to zoom in and pan around the photo if you're looking to stroll through the details. This is pretty much it for the Lightroom app, it's a photo viewer. However, it does pretty well what it is intended to be. The transitions and animations are smooth and great to look at.


As we have mentioned earlier, there are no editing features available on the Lightroom app for the Apple TV. It just provides a convenient medium to display your synced photos. According to Adobe, their main goal is to provide an easy way to users which will enable them to share their work with anyone and anywhere. Moreover, the Lightroom app keeps up with the top-notch image quality so even if it is a photo viewer, it does its job in the best manner.

Adobe Lightroom

To run the Adobe Lightroom, you need a Creative Cloud Subscription and a fourth generation Apple TV to be able take advantage of the application. Nonetheless, if you fulfill the criteria and requirements, the app is available absolutely for free from the App Store. So be sure to check it out if guys are interested.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV? Are you willing to give this app a swirl? Let us know in he comments.