A Massive 99% Discount Is Available On The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle – Limited Time Offer


Excel is very important in all business professions. Whether you are a teacher, an accountant or a professor, creating spreadsheets is very important. Many jobs require you to have expert level skill in excel. So improve your resume and become a specialist with this amazing deal. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle.

Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle

Here are the highlights of what the courses have to offer:

Excel 2016 For Beginners - Cells, Functions & Formulas, Oh My! You’ll Know Just What to Do with Them After Taking This Course

This course will help you build a strong foundation in Microsoft Excel. It will help you leverage your skills to get an amazing salary package and you will definitely not regret it. This course has a lot to offer especially if you are a beginner.

  •  Access 38 lectures 24/7
  • Learn the basic functions and features of Excel 2016
  •  Discover basic worksheet skills and learn how to work with formulas
  •  Explore editing workbooks from a granular perspective
  •  Create professional-quality graphs and charts
  •  Practice with Excel and fortify your knowledge by completing 3 projects
  •  Impress potential employers with your new skills

Excel 2016 Advanced - Learn to Make Formulas Your Friends & Use Macros to Increase Efficiency

Once you have mastered the basics, then it would be time to move on to something more challenging but equally rewarding. Becoming an expert at advanced level excel is a very hard thing to do but it will make everything very efficient and productive.

  •  Advance your Excel 2016 skills with 24/7 access to 34 lectures
  •  Prepare to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Excel, Exam-427 and Exam-428
  •  Understand how to manage workbooks
  •  Learn to calculate investments
  •  Discover how to automate workbooks
  •  Figure out how to create custom formats and layouts

Original Price Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle: $1990
Wccftech Discount Price Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle: $9.99