Activision Seemingly Pulls Black Ops 3 from Xbox One Store And Retailer(s)


Both the standard and deluxe edition of Black Ops 3 (pre-order) have been removed from the Xbox Store. Aside from the removal on the store, retailer  Amazon has also made it impossible to pre-order the deluxe version and season pass for the Xbox One.

Website ICXM reports that Activision pulled the standard version at least 6 days ago and the deluxe edition 4 days ago from the Xbox One Store. They contacted Amazon on the matter, but Amazon confirmed the products were removed by the  'seller' - there wasn't any error. Activision and Microsoft state that they're working together to bring the digital pre-order back to the store. Not only Amazon seems to have pulled the products though, retailer Game has also removed the game's season pass for the Xbox One. The only season pass available at Game, is the PS4 version.

No deluxe version or season pass
No pre-order available any longer

I wonder if this has something to do with the marketing deal that Sony made with Activision for Blacks Ops 3. Prior to Blacks Ops 3, the Call of Duty series have always been the home of Xbox. For the first time though, the PS4 version will receive new content first.

We'll update when we learned more. Thanks ICXM.