A Tiny Game Of Pong Is The Best Apple Watch Game


The Apple Watch has been Apple's most personal device yet. No matter how productive or time saving it may be in terms of viewing notifications and alerts, gaming on the wearable seems to be a slightly weird idea. It's mainly because of the smaller form factor of the wearable constituting a miniature display. However, there's an Apple Watch game that might be perfect for its small screen. Some game titles are destined to land on miniature devices and A Tiny Game of Pong is the best example.

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A Tiny Game Of Pong Is A Nostalgic Apple Watch Game

Pong is a really cool game designed for smaller devices as it does not require any hardcore processing. If you are not familiar with the traditional Pong game, all you have to do is keep the ball floating by striking it with your paddle. The Apple Watch features an intuitive input tool, the Digital Crown that will help you move your paddle in the game. A Tiny Game of Pong is fairly easy to play and greatly helps you pass those cumbersome waiting moments.

Apple Watch Game

The Apple Watch game features numerous modes that will allow you to play against your friends and make high scores. Some of them include the arcade mode and the classic mode, which is a first-to-three match. If you are really into A Tiny Game of Pong, it gets really addicting once you challenge your friends for the score. The theme color of the game can also be customized, which means you can opt to choose different colors that might enhance your interest. If you want to see some more details about the game, check out the embedded video below.

A Tiny Game of Pong comes in at only 1.3MB, so there might be no issue if you have the 16GB iPhone variant. The point of this game is to make the highest score, since your opponent is unbeatable. While playing the game, it definitely 'brings back a little nostalgia to your heart'. Set the high score and you can even end up at the top of the worldwide Game Center Leaderboard.

The app also features $0.99 in-app purchases that lets you unlock the classic playoff mode. Moreover, the IAPs also unlocks up to ten custom theme colors. This is a viable option if you want to match the game color with that of your Apple Watch. Currently, the game is available for free for a limited time.

This is it for now, folks. Do you play games on your Apple Watch? How did you like A Tiny Game of Pong? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download: A Tiny Game of Pong