A Handful of Paid iOS Apps Are Free Today – Download Them All Right Here


If you are looking to download some paid iOS apps and games for your iPhone or iPad absolutely free, then you've come to the right place.

Premium iOS Apps Have Gone Free Today for iPhone & iPad Users

Before going ahead with the download, make sure that these offers are available in your country and that you have enough space to install them. All set? Let's dive right into action.

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VideoStory Pro - Regular price $1.99

Create beautiful and engaging photo slideshows from your memories and favorite music, custom built for sharing on Instagram, Vine, and Facebook!
video story is a highly customizalideshow with video transitions, music, and a text title. VideoStory is designed to allow you to express your creativity without borders. You can customize everything from video transitions, speed, to the text tile that will be added to the resulting video.

Download VideoStory Pro for iOS

iDisplay - Regular price $19.99

Turn your iPad or iPhone into an additional touch-screen display for your Mac or Windows computer or mirror your desktop.
All usual desktop apps, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Photoshop, are available with desktop features on iPad and iPhone, touch-enabled.
Works with both, Lightning and 30-pin cable connection or Wifi on macOS (with almost 0 latency).

Download iDisplay for iOS

VOX: FLAC Music Player - Regular price $3.99

SoundCloud®, Spotify and personal music collection - listen to the music in the best quality from the different sources.

Download VOX: FLAC Music Player for iOS

Dead Venture - Regular price $0.99

The world is infected, the human race almost wiped out. Zombies roam the streets everywhere. A handful of survivors fight their way to safe haven, a military base on a far island.

Download Dead Venture for iOS

Connectrode - Regular price $0.99

Connectrode is a pure puzzle game of simple but elegant strategy. Connect the chips to clear them from the board - but with each connector you place, beware blocking off parts of the board from yourself!

The game has no time limits - play at your own pace. Once you master the gameplay, try for a high score and discover new depths of challenge and strategy - and land a high score on the Game Center leaderboards.

Download Connectrode for iOS

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Reckless Racing HD - Regular price $0.99

THE BEST DOWN ‘N DIRTY RACER YOU EVER SAW! Made to maximize the Retina Display, the state-of-the-art visuals will make your eyes bug out as you skid, slip, and slide in traditional top-down racing style. Challenge your buddies in online multiplayer, and get ready to go. It’s the dirt-road racing game y’all been waiting for on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad!

Download Reckless Racing HD for iOS

Zombies, Run! 5k Training - Regular price $1.99

Zombies, Run! 5k Training is an 8-week training program and audio adventure for beginners that’ll improve your fitness so you can run a 5km distance.

Download Zombies, Run! 5k Training for iOS

YANKAI'S TRIANGLE - Regular price $2.99

YANKAI'S TRIANGLE is a love letter to TRIANGLES. A puzzling puzzle game about the beauty and joy of infinitely tapping on TRIANGLES for some reason.


90s Camera - Regular price $0.99

90s camera is a vintage camera and photo draw app that takes your photos to another level with its old school effects and Polaroid frames. Take your iPhone into the past and get more followers in present with most unique vintage effects.

Download 90s Camera for iOS

Klipped - Regular price $0.99

Klipped is a text editor with an extremely simple feature set. Write ideas down. Paste text and use as a clipboard, Delete when you’re done. No files, no spell checker, no syntax highlighting. Scribble ideas. Paste code snippets. Take notes. Rapid launch.

Download Klipped for iOS