$99 USB Dongle Protects Your PC’s Security By Killing Your USB Ports


While there have been several projects available on crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the latest one that has got our heads scratching is a $99 USB dongle that protects the security of your PC, by killing the USB ports of your machine.

Videos Shows The Capability Of The USB Dongle In Making The USB Ports Of Your Machine Non-Functional

According to Indiegogo, the USB dongle is called USB KILLER, and according to the developers of the product, the dongle can be used in a variety of situations. In short, the USB dongle is going to end up electrocuting your USB port, rendering it completely useless.

While in some instance your machine might survive the process, there is a disclaimer which states that using the product might permanently damage your motherboard, and depending on how much you invested in the laptop or desktop computer, it might end up costing you even further. According to the individuals behind the USB dongle, USB KILLER has been created in order to help the user get rid of their machines in case of emergencies like break-ins, but we you will have a very short window in plugging in the flash drive and let the process run its course.

“Sometimes, USB Killer may cause damage to the motherboard. This damage may be repaired with no lasting consequences, but data thieves are not going to stick around long enough to do so.”

Additionally, there is also another use for the dongle, which has been detailed in the description below:

“Compromising photos – Your wife is cleaning an apartment one day and finds a USB drive full of photos you would rather her not to see. It's only a matter of seconds before she gets to the computer to insert the stick; however, you act faster, and use your USB Killer before she arrives. The USB drive is broken and unusable now.”

Given below is the timeline of when the group of individuals intend on completing the project:

Stage 1: November 10 to November 25

  • Components purchase
  • Printed Circuit Board production
  • Printed Circuit Board assembly

Stage 2: November 10 to December 05

  • USB case mold production
  • USB case production

Stage 3: December 05 to December 10

  • Final unit assembly
  • Package production

Stage 4: December 10 to December 15

  • Packing

Stage 5: December 15 to December 25

  • Shipping

Would you make a purchase of this USB dongle in order to make your machine non-functional? Let us know your thoughts.