Save $1,800 on the Game, App and Web Design Bundle; Become a Versatile Designer


We have shared with you some pretty amazing educational and training deals over the past few weeks. Some of them focused on game development, others on web design. Today we bring you one of the most awesome bundles with a massive 97% discount that combines the design aspects of all the different segments. Become a truly versatile and pro designer with this game, app and web design bundle.

game design bundle

The App, Web and Game Design Bundle:

Is your inner creative still alive and feeling trapped with you stuck in a boring job in accounting? Did you find yourself focusing on a subject during college you no longer like and want to get the artist out? Well, why the need to go back to school when you can learn anything that you want online. At the ease and comfort of your couch and a time selected by you, take the online courses and train yourself these amazing and highly rewarding skills. This new bundle focuses on carving a designer out of you by teaching you everything about designing games, apps and websites.

With over 70+ hours of elite, specialized training, you will be taught the following subjects:

  • Web design course
  • App design course
  • Game design course
  • Basic WordPress course

This specially curated app and game design bundle is normally offered $1,840. Go to Wccftech Deals now and get a whopping discount of almost $1,800 for a limited time. Become an expert designer from the comforts of your home.