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Linux System Administrator

The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle will guide you through 118 hours of elite training to help you become a Linux ninja. From installation to administration, Red Hat to Python, you will learn everything about Linux System administration from a number of different courses. At a 96% discount, the complete bundle is now available for just $69 for a limited time only. So, head over to Wccftech Deals and grab the deal to save over $2,000 while getting access to premium content on Linux System Administration.

96% off Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle

Here's what is included in this Complete Linux System Administrator bundle:

1- The Ultimate Red Hat Linux Training

Learn to Administrate This Popular Linux Based OS

Red Hat Linux is a popular Linux-based operating system used by more than 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies due to its extremely stable and secure platform, and flexibility to engage with a massive ecosystem of businesses. Through this course, you'll learn everything about how to construct and manage a Red Hat Linux system. Before you know it, you'll be qualified to administrate Linux systems at any company, big or small!

2- Learn App Development Using Linux

Take Your Linux Abilities to the Next Level by Coding in a Virtual Machine

Beginning with a quick crash course in Linux, this course will dive into using a Virtual Machine to code apps in Linux. From a module on the advantages of Bash to writing and debugging scripts, this course is ideal for anybody who would like to work with Linux on a daily basis. Considering many leading tech and data-driven companies use Linux, this is an excellent foundation for any aspiring professional programmer.

3- Comprehensive Training in Unix and Linux Fundamentals

Dive Into Alternative Operating Systems With This Massive Course

You very likely know Windows or Mac OS X - you're probably visiting us from one of them now. However, Linux and UNIX are two operating systems that any self-respecting programmer needs to know. Both are powerful, flexible operating systems in use by many big companies, and are common OS choices for programmers. This comprehensive course will give you the lowdown on how to optimize both.

More courses are:

  • 4- The Ultimate Kali Linux and Penetration Testing Training
  • 5- Bash Scripting in Linux - Complete Complex Programming Tasks With Just a Few Lines of Code
  • 6- Linux OS OpenSUSE - Learn Linux's Best Open-Source Tools On Your Way to Becoming a System Administrator
  • 7- Learn Linux Administration With Python - Use Python to Accomplish Complicated Administration Tasks With Less Code

Original value: $2,100 | Wccftech Deals: $69 at a 96% discount

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