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Wccftech Deals offers you a whopping 95% off on CompTIA IT Certification Bundle. This bundle includes courses on Network, Security and installation and configuration of hardware. If you want to start an IT career, you wouldn't see any other better bundle giving you a good grasp on several important topics.

CompTIA IT Certification Bundle details:

Polish your IT skills with this CompTIA IT Certification bundle. Now with a huge discount of over $1,000, you can learn some primary skills of installing and configuring hardware, setting up network connecting and email for Android and iOS, and also mastering security and safety issues. In a nutshell, this bundle will help you in your journey of becoming an IT expert. Following is the description of the courses offered in this bundle.

Complete this collection of four courses to prep for the CompTIA A+ certification exam—a crucial step towards starting an IT career. Master subject matter in areas like networking, preventative maintenance, and more. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to troubleshoot networking and security issues like a pro, dramatically boosting your career prospects and earning potential.

  • Course 1:CompTIA A+ 220-801
    • Learn IT fundamentals such as how to install & configure hardware like PCs and laptops
    • Understand basic networking principles
  • Course 2:CompTIA A+ 220-802
    • Understand how to install & configure PC operating systems
    • Set up common features for Android & iOS, such as network connectivity and email
  • Course 3:CompTIA Network+
    • Earn technical competency in networking administration & support
    • Learn about network topologies & media, IT protocols & standards, etc.
    • Master security, safety & environmental issues, and other domains of IT knowledge
  • Course 4:CompTIA Security+
    • Learn security concepts pertaining to communications, infrastructure, cryptography & more
    • Earn a valuable, highly-regarded credential

Originally priced at $1,077, you can now get the bundle only for $49. Can't believe it? Go to Wccftech Deals and sign up for the course. Save 95% on this certification and expand your IT skills all the same time.

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