Start Crafting Next-Generation VR Games with This Game Developer Bundle

Rafia Shaikh

Interested to make your programming and designing portfolio look impressive? Tap into the VR gaming industry, learn to design and develop immersive gaming experience and be sure that you will be one of the few developers who get to build exciting games in the industry. Now with a 94% discount, you can learn to create 3D and VR games for just $24.99.

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94% off 3D and VR games developer bundle

Itching to create the next big app? Look no further than virtual reality, a hot platform for which the app market is still undeveloped. Playing games is fun, but building them is excitingly awesome! Learn from the top experts of the industry and start building your own 3D and VR games. This game developer bundle includes 3 courses and over 95 hours of content to help you get on the way of becoming an expert VR game and app developer.

Here's what skills each of these three courses will teach you; for more details, please visit Wccftech Deals.

1- Learn to Code by Making Games - The Complete Unity Developer

Fancy yourself a game developer? You can turn that vision into reality with this comprehensive course, which encompasses a whopping 51 hours of premium instruction. Learn by building 8 games using the Unity game engine, and master a valuable development skill set transferrable to any other projects you take on thereafter.

  • Build 8 games in Unity w/ over 295 lectures & 51 hours of content
  • Master C#, as well as general object-oriented programming concepts
  • Use the Unity game engine to create games w/ minimal code
  • Understand how to write basic scripts
  • Learn development skills transferrable to other projects
  • Master creation of production-quality games by course’s end

2- Virtual Reality Designer - Understanding VR and Creating Apps

In this course, you’ll start with a broad overview of VR fundamentals, then focus on developing for the Google Cardboard platform. Using the game engine Unity, you’ll build a working game from scratch, and become a true VR master by course’s end.

  • Dive into all things virtual reality w/ over 49 lectures & 7.5 hours of content
  • Get an overview of virtual reality fundamentals
  • Understand what the top 5 VR platforms are & how they compare
  • Create a Google Cardboard VR game from scratch
  • Understand common VR terms, e.g. latency, DOF, HMD, etc.

3- Learn 3D Modeling - The Complete Blender Creator Course

3D modeling sounds like an arcane technical skill, but this course breaks it down into digestible, easy to master bits. Familiarize yourself with the Blender program and use its suite of tools to create 3D models in no time. You’ll be equipped with the skill set you need to execute your projects to perfection, whether you’re designing video game graphics, 3D printed gifts or artwork.

  • Master use of Blender w/ over 252 lectures & 39 hours of content
  • Learn by doing: create basic shapes, bowling balls & pins, a chessboard, etc.
  • Understand important modeling principles
  • Move, rotate, resize, duplicate & merge shapes
  • Create 3D models w/ simple colors, using different materials, etc.

This game developer bundle normally retails for $491. However, you can learn to design and develop VR games from Wccftech Deals for just $24.99, at a 94% discount!

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