Start Creating Engaging Apps for iOS and Android with Professional App Developer Bundle


Both the Apple and Google's app stores are overflowing with apps, but how many can be considered popular or even useful? Having a great idea to develop an app is only the first step. Then comes the daunting process of coding that app for iOS or Android, and more importantly, designing them intelligently. We use mobile phones for everything - even banks now have apps that let you make transactions with a few taps and swipes. Learning to design great mobile UX/UI is more important than ever, but how do you become a reliable app developer who attracts highly paying projects? Wccftech Deals is bringing you a 91% discount on the popular Professional App Developer Bundle.

This bundle includes everything that you need to create awesome and useful apps. From using Swift and Xcode for iOS app development and using App Inventor 2 to create Android apps without any coding, this bundle also brings you courses on creating engaging mobile apps by applying UI/UX design principles. Excited to learn more about it? Head over to Wccftech Deals to grab a huge 91% discount, or keep reading to find which 9 courses are part of this amazingly helpful bundle.

91% off Professional App Developer Bundle

Following nine courses on iOS app development, Android app development, and design principles are part of this bundle:

  1. Intermediate iOS 9 Programming
    Use Swift & Xcode to Advance Your iOS Development Prowess
  2. Mobile UI & UX Design
    Create Engaging Mobile Apps By Learning & Applying UI/UX Design Principles
  3. Build Android Apps with App Inventor 2
    Learn How to Build Android Apps Without Coding
  4. iOS 9 App Development For Beginners
    Take the First Steps Toward the Lucrative Career of Developing Apps for iOS
  5. PhoneGap for Beginners
    Deploy Apps to Any Device with Only One Set of Code
  6. Learn Java From Scratch
    Go From Beginner to Expert in the Web's Most Popular Language Over 9 Hours of Intensive Training
  7. Android App Development: Easy & Quick Programming
    Learn the Ins & Outs of Android Studio to Build Seamless Android Apps
  8. Swift Programming for Beginners
    Feeling Entrepreneurial? Discover the Official Coding Language of Apple Apps
  9. Introduction to Sketch 3 Mobile App Design
    Become a Well Rounded Developer by Learning Sketch 3 Mobile App Design

Original value of professional app developer bundle: $549 | Wccftech Deals: $49 at 91% discount