Master This Popular JavaScript Library with ReactJS Programming Bootcamp

reactjs Programming Bootcamp

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1- Modern React with Redux

Develop Apps Supported by NPM, Webpack & ES6 with This Foundational Intro

Take the first step towards mastering modern web development with the Modern React with Redux tutorial. React is a JavaScript library used to build large applications with data that changes over time. With Redux, you can better structure and query those large applications--skills that will put you in a better position to stay ahead of the curve in the constantly changing web marketplace. From an introduction to JXS straight through to topics like reducers, actions and the state tree, this course will be a great foundation for your modern web development education.

2- Learn ReactJS from Scratch

Prepare for the Future of Web Development with ReactJS

ReactJS is the JavaScript library used by companies like Instagram and Facebook to build large applications with continuously changing data. It's the foundation of many dynamic, fluid user interfaces. Cover the latest version (0.14) of ReactJS in this fast-paced tutorial, and you'll have a valuable addition to your resume and may increase your chances of landing a high paying web development position.

reactjs Programming Bootcamp

3- Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux

Use the Architecture Designed by Facebook to Build Beautiful, Responsive Web Apps

Flux is an architecture used internally by Facebook to leverage its Dispatcher library in order to help manage an applications state. In conjunction with ReactJS, it is hugely beneficial in streamlining web apps. This course is designed to teach you the core fundamentals of React and Flux, and how they're implemented with one another.

4- Hacking with React eBook

Learn React Quickly, & Refresh Your Skills Down the Line with this eBook

Paul Hudson's eBook, Hacking With React, is the textbook to guide you when your React skills get rusty. This book is all nuts and bolts, specifically written to teach you how to code with React in the quickest way possible. Arguing that React is the gold standard of modern code, Hudson teaches you how to develop, write, and implement it in myriad ways. This is an outstanding reference point for the modern web developer.

There are a number of more courses and books added in this ReactJS programming bootcamp. You can learn more about it here.

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