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Just bought a new PC and looking for an apps bundle that can help you transform into a power user? Wccftech Deals is bringing a 91% discount on PC Power User Bundle which takes care of everything for you. From photo editing software to disk and privacy cleaners - you will be able to optimize your PC experience with 8 must-have apps. Head over to Wccftech Deals to grab the PC Power User Bundle for just $30 or keep reading to learn more about these apps and tools that promise to make your PC run like Usain.

91% off PC Power User Bundle

Following are the details of the eight must-have apps that this PC Power User bundle brings to you. Photo editing or simple slideshow making tools; privacy helpers or Autosave software - everything that you need is offered in this bundle.

1- InPixio Photo Clip 7.0

Perfect Your Photos in One Click with This Powerful Editor & Photo Book Creator

We can all agree it's a pain to take a picture only to discover later that the lighting or composition just wasn't as up to snuff as you thought. Thanks to InPixio Photo Editor for PC, however, you can produce professional quality photos after you've already taken them. With an intuitive interface for beginners, it's never been easier to create flawless photo albums.

2- WebEasy Professional 10

No Programming Skills? No Problem. Design a Website with Drag-and-Drop Simplicity 

Want to build a website, but don't have any programming experience? Web Easy Professional 10 guides you with built-in, step-by-step templates and e-commerce tools so all you need to do is click. With thousands of templates to choose from, and a huge range of customizable options, this is the all-in-one tool to get your personal or professional website off the ground.

3- InPixio Photo Editor - Home Edition

Remove or Transpose People & Objects with This Digital Photo Cutting Tool 

How many times have you taken a photo and realized some unwanted person or object had snuck its way in? With InPixio Photo Clip 7.0, you don't have to sweat it, just click and cut out photo-bombers in a flash. Having trouble finding the right background for a portrait? Cut your photos out and insert them on a new background, all in the same tool.

4- PowerDesk Pro 9

Up Your Productivity: Clean & Organize Your PC with PowerDesk Pro 9

Clutter happens - especially on computers. With PowerDesk Pro 9, you can easily organize and manage the files on your computer with tools to search, edit, track, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view, and convert files to streamline your hard drive. New functions will identify large and duplicate files so you can get rid of the junk slowing your computer down.

5- AutoSave Essentials

Never Lose Important Data Again with This Automatic File Backup Software 

There's nothing worse than losing your hard-earned data when disaster strikes. But you can rest easy with AutoSave Essentials, which will automatically back up your essential files in the safest place you have specified. Perfect for students, families, and small businesses, AutoSave Essentials will save you time and stress.

6- Smart Driver Updater

Keep Your PC Up to Date - Secure Your PC Drivers with Just a Few Clicks!

Drivers are what keep your PC up to speed and running the way you need it to. Over time, they're bound to slow your computer down or render it completely inoperable unless you stay up to date with hardware manufacturers. Smart Driver Updater will regularly scan your computer for update needs on over 600,000 drivers, ensuring that your computer will always be ahead of the curve.

7- Smart Privacy Cleaner

Delete All Traces of Your Online Life with This Internet History Cleaner

Keep your private information secure with the Smart Privacy Cleaner, designed to find and remove your Internet and download histories. This software is like a virtual paper shredder, allowing you to designate types of files that should be completely unrecoverable, and ones you may still want to access later.

8- Easy SlideShow Creator

Your Family Really Will Want to See Your Pictures from the Grand Canyon with the Easy Slideshow Creator

Gone are the days of boring slideshows at family gatherings! The Easy Slideshow Creator will accompany you throughout your creations, offering intuitive customization tools to optimize your photos and present them in beautiful, seamless presentations. Memorialize any occasion properly with this easy-to-use tool.

Original value: $349.68 | Wccftech Deals: $29.99 at 91% discount

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