Become An In-Demand Cloud Guru with Developer’s AWS Mastery Bundle

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AWS Mastery Bundle

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is one of the hottest certificates in IT, and an essential for any professional working with AWS. Wccftech Deals brings you a Developer's AWS Mastery Bundle that includes access to 4 premium courses. These courses will help you become an in-demand Cloud guru and programmer! Regardless of your current experience, the Amazon Web Services Mastery bundle will help you pass the certified developer associate exam. Head over to Wccftech Deals and grab the bundle for just $29 at a whopping 85% discount.

What's in the Developer's AWS Mastery Bundle

1- AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Prep

Train to Pass This Highly Rewarding Certification Exam

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is one of the hottest certificates in IT, and an essential for any professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you, regardless of experience, pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate 2016 Exam. Combine the lectures with the practice exams concluded, and you'll be ready to pass this valuable certification and start commanding a higher salary.

2- Intro to AWS Lambda

Write & Deploy Functions That Will Help Massively Scale Cloud Systems

AWS Lambda is a Cloud service that runs your code in response to events, automatically managing the compute resources for you, making it easy to create applications that respond quickly to new information. This course will teach you how to write, deploy, scale and manage lambda functions, so you can architect solutions from microservices that scale massively and respond almost in real time. If you want to make a career out of working with Amazon Web Services, you're going to need this course!

3- GitHub For DevOps

Optimize Git & GitHub by Integrating with Amazon Web Services

You may heard of Git and GitHub, you may have even used them, but to fully optimize these open source services with Amazon Web Services, you may need a bit of training. That's what you'll get here. This introductory course covers the fundamentals of source code versioning, the principles of Git and GitHub and how to use them, and how to connect GitHub to AWS services like CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and SNS. By course's end, you'll be able to create a modern DevOps pipeline by integrating GitHub with AWS.

4- AWS CloudFormation

Deploy Solutions Across Multiple Regions When You Learn CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation allows you to deploy resources in Amazon Web Services quickly across multiple regions. Beginning with very basics of forming templates in CloudFormation, this course will teach you how to manipulate these templates to save time and money. Employers are always in need of developers fluent in Cloud computing, and learning AWS CloudFormation will be a valuable addition to your resume that will put you in greater demand.

Original value of AWS Mastery Bundle: $199 | Wccftech Deals: $29 at 85% discount

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