66% Off Ultra Slim, Portable LithiumCard Wallet Battery


Looking for a charger that is packed with power, but is also super slim? If only carrying a battery pack was as easy and comfortable as your credit card. LithiumCard wallet does just that! It's an ultra thin battery that slides into your wallet, charging up your devices on the go. Charging perfection? It's right here and with a super discount that would make it hard for you to say no to this Wallet Battery.

wallet battery

LithiumCard wallet battery:

Wherever you carry your wallet, you can now carry your battery pack as well. At 66% discount, you can now get this super slim LithiumCard wallet battery for just $20. No larger than five credit credits, this wallet battery fits perfectly inside a wallet. Bringing a look and feel that is both sleek and durable, your charger has no longer to be ugly or bulky. The LithiumCard Wallet Battery is an engineering marvel, packing tons of power in a package no thicker than 5 credit cards.

Beautifully crafted from a luxurious billet aluminum housing, it charges devices at up to a lightning-fast 1% of battery life per minute. Without question, this battery is the pinnacle of portable charging perfection—and it’s calling your name.

  • Keep your iOS devices charged w/ the built-in Lightning connector
  • Enjoy the premium design crafted from durable aluminum
  • Charge your device quickly at up to 1% of battery life per minute
  • Add charging power capacity to your device
  • Simultaneously charge your device & LithiumCard w/ 2 flip-out charging cables
  • Carry it everywhere: fits into almost any wallet
  • Stick to your device w/ the NanoStik pad as an alternative to storing in your wallet

Priced at $60, you can now get the LithiumCard Wallet Battery for just $20 from Wccftech Deals' limited time offer.