6 Paid iOS Apps Gone Free – Best of the Best Downloads Available Today


Looking to download some paid iOS apps for free, aren't you? You have come to the right place, again. We have six apps in total today that have gone free, and they're the best you will find on this day.

Great Paid iOS Apps Have Shed their Price Tags Today - Download them All

These offers are available for a limited period of time only. It's best to avail them today rather waiting for some later time. Even if you don't plan on using these apps, they'll at least sit in your purchases so you can access them later without paying a dime.

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.GIF Maker - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

.GIF Maker is a beautiful gif maker app that allows you to make your own gifs or videos and share them easily on Instagram and other apps. You can also share you gifs on Gifies. You can make your own Gifs directly in iMessage, and share them with your friends. .GIF Maker is the social network for GIFs.

Download .GIF Maker for iOS

Faxed - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

A fax machine in your pocket! Hate having to rush to UPS or Fedex to send one fax that cost $7 a few times a year, or even needing to send one fax a day! Yes it's totally unlimited faxing, it's a simple as making a phone call no messy forms to fill out and it's on us!

Download Faxed for iOS

RecWeb - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Recordable is the screen recorder which:

▪ Is simple to install and easy to use
▪ Records your audio and gestures
▪ Supports almost all tablets and phones
▪ Easily shares your video online
▪ Does not require root

Download RecWeb for iOS

Emoji Camera - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Emoji camera makes it easy and fun to turn your favorite moments into cool-looking memories. Emoji camera provide unique emojis and filters to inspire your imagination, created especially for those who love to stand out. You can add all your favorite emojis to your photos and bring them to life.

Download Emoji Camera for iOS

StampIt - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

With StampIt you can easily add watermark and copyright info in metadata to a bunch of your photos. The export can be done in custom album, and also you can reduce resolution of the images for further using.

Download StampIt for iOS

Instant Voice Translator Pro - Regular price $12.99, Now FREE

Multi Translate is a professional translator and interpreter app able to translate any language into 3 others at the same time.

Just speak with your own voice, Multi Translate will convert it into text then translate/interpret, after which you can listen to the pronunciation for each language, even when your device is mute!

Download Instant Voice Translator Pro for iOS