5 Paid iOS Games You Can Download For Free This Halloween Weekend


Occasionally, we bring to our readers an assortment of paid iOS apps and games that are available for free to download. Usually the list contains up to 5 great apps and games combined, but today, we're going to do things a little different and bring to our readers 5 paid iOS games only that would otherwise cost you a few bucks. Jump right in and check out what's on offer this Halloween weekend.

App Store

Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD ($2.99 Regular)

Forever Lost

If you're into mind twisting games, then look no further than Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD. It's an adventure game like no other and challenges you in ways unimaginable.

You can download the game from this link.

Block Fortress ($1.99 Regular)


We're massive fans of quick fix titles on mobile, and Block Fortress checks all the boxes we'd like to see in a game. The aim of the game is simple: build your fortress and defend it till the very end.

You can download the game from this link.

Zombocalypse ($1.99 Regular)


Halloween is here and what better to get the hype up by downloading a zombie shoot-em-up title on your iPhone or iPad, right?

You can download the game from this link.

rop ($0.99 Regular)


Currently Apple's free App of the Week, rop is an minimal game with a lot of great puzzles to keep you busy for a long, long time.

You can download the game from this link.

Toca Life: Town ($2.99 Regular)


A brilliant game with an open world environment where you can 'Explore,' 'Create' and 'Discover.' Sort of like Sims but with an interesting take of its own.

You can download the game from this link.

That concludes our list for today. But do keep in mind that we'll be bringing in more apps and games that are on sale in the days to come, so don't lose hope if you didn't manage to find something useful for yourself in today's list.

Also keep in mind that the above mentioned games are available for an extremely limited period of time, so go ahead and download them all right away before they return with a price tag slapped onto them. Lastly, there's a chance that the above mentioned games might not be available for free everywhere, so be sure to keep that in mind if you come across a price tag all of a sudden as soon as you tap on the download link.

Which title is your favorite from the list above? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.