5 Paid iOS Apps You Can Download for Free Today – List


We have handpicked 5 paid iOS apps that are available to download for free for an extremely limited period of time.

Stock Up on Wonderful Paid iOS Apps Without Throwing a Dime This Weekend

It's easy to come by apps and games on a daily basis, but coming across really good ones can be a bit of a pain. Things get even tougher when you are on a hunt to find paid iOS apps that have gone free as well. But, don't worry, we have done the legwork for you already. Just hit the download link and enjoy your freebies for the entire weekend.

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All set? Let's dive into the downloading bit!

Bazaart - Regular price $4.99

Award-winning app Bazaart will help you make beautiful edits, gorgeous photo manipulations and stunning collages with state-of-the-art creative tools, fast processing times, and unparalleled simplicity. Get ready to discover boundless creativity.

Download Bazaart for iOS

Instant Sketch - Regular price $0.99

Completely re-written in Swift, Instant Sketch now supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices in all orientations!!

We plan to add many more exciting new features to help you create the most compelling sketches that you could ever imagine, so download now and look for upgrades in our upcoming releases!

Download Instant Sketch for iOS

Pinball Breaker Forever - Regular price $1.99

Pinball Breaker Forever merges pinball and brick breaking mechanics to produce a supercharged twitchy randomly generated endless gaming experience, with a vibe from the 80's! Easy to play, hard to master!!

Monster-Blocks appear in waves and slowly go down the screen one after the other. Protect your city from the invaders by destroying the blocks before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Side tracks with optional skill shot mini-games will increase your score and add another twist to the game.

Download Pinball Breaker Forever for iOS

iCarConnect - Regular price $1.99

iOS in the Car is here in your hands!

With iCarConnect driving has never been so safe and pleasant!
Optimized for iOS7 is the perfect app to accompany you while driving.
Feature-rich, customizable, with a simple and appealing interface.

Download iCarConnect for iOS

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Epica Pro 2 - Regular price $1.99

The second generation of the coolest camera comes! The most funny camera application in the world!
New poses, New special effects and New scenes! Just in seconds, you would become the magicians, paladins, muscular men or lovely rabbits,everything you have ever wanted before!
To be the coolest among your friends? The only thing you need to do it is to press the shutter.

Download Epica Pro 2 for iOS

Wrap Up

Be sure to download these apps and games on your iOS device before they return to their original prices. We will see you soon with another apps gone free list.