Only 5-Inch iPhone Rumored to Come With Wireless Charging Support


Just when we thought that wireless charging would be made available for all iPhone 8 models, in comes another rumor detailing a completely different stance on how you’ll be charging your next iPhone. Turns out that Apple is going to be adding a 5-inch model to the mix and only this particular version is going to provide support for wireless charging.

Rumor Claims That ‘Reliable Sources’ Have Stated the 5-Inch iPhone 8 Will Come With Wireless Charging Support

The 5-inch iPhone 8 report is nothing new, but this rumor certainly is. According to Japanese blog Macotakara, ‘reliable sources in Taiwan’ have stated that only the smartphone that features a glass back will support wireless charging. While that is true; phones with aluminum backs will not allow the process of induction to take place, it appears this rumor claims that just this iPhone will provide support for the feature; the remaining are going to be void of it.

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This is definitely hard to believe because the largest iPhone that’s expected to be a part of the September announcement will come with several exclusive features, ranging from an OLED display, dual-camera and a larger battery capacity so it honestly does not make sense that the phablet version of the iPhone 8 will be void of this much-needed upgrade. The rumor also claims that Apple isn’t going to be bundling its Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, which we feel will result in severe consumer backlash if it ends up being true.

This would mean that future consumers would either have to go wireless with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, purchase Lightning-based headphones or purchase an adapter. Looking at how several consumers would be in possession of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the last choice seems like a more viable option.

We’ll say this for now, take this rumor with a pinch of salt, because it honestly would not make sense for the larger iPhone to be void of this feature while the 5-inch version takes the cake. We will be waiting for your thoughts down in the comments.