2019 OnePlus 7 Might Feature 5G, US Carrier Support And No Bloatware

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OnePlus 6T Concept Video

In a flagship world dominated by conformity, OnePlus tries to stand out on its own. The company focuses directly on its users and their demands, letting them influence decisions for upcoming gadgets.

The company's latest flagship smartphone offering is the OnePlus 6, which once again looks to balance flagship requirements with a budget smartphone. Given its loyal following, OnePlus seldom has trouble shipping out its initial batches of smartphones.

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However, one detail that remains a thorn in both the company's and its users' side is the unavailability of OnePlus' gadgets with US carriers. Well, this might change next year,  with the OnePlus 7.

The OnePlus 7 Will Feature 5G Connectivity And Will Be Available Through US Carriers If Pete Lau's Plans Bear Fruition

OnePlus' CEO Pete Lau was speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai and he might have dropped some important details for the next year's OnePlus 7. Mr. Lau clarified the company's plans in a one-on-one with PCMag.

According to him, OnePlus will bring 5G internet connectivity to the OnePlus 7 next year. 5G allows users to achieve 20Gb/s downloads, 1ms latency, and 1 million devices/sq km. Of course, these speeds will be split between users of the same cell, so don't get your hopes up too much.

OnePlus' close relationship with San Diego chip giant Qualcomm will help the company in this regard, allowing it to become one of the first manufacturers to launch a smartphone capable of supporting 5G, believes Mr. Lau.

Despite Making It To US Carriers, The OnePlus 7 Will Not Feature Bloatware Clarifies Company CEO Pete Lau

Of course, if and when OnePlus does make it US carriers, the important issue of bloatware comes up. Featuring bloatware on the OnePlus 7 will stand against the company's principles of smooth performance and therefore OnePlus will ensure that no such applications are present on its device.

Of course, this will naturally affect negotiations with carriers and is likely to cost OnePlus in revenue terms. It will also be easy for OnePlus to pull off as the company has recently started to launch its gadgets with European carries as well.

As far as specifications go, the OnePlus 7 should feature Qualcomm's next Snapdragon processor with at least 6GB of RAM. The company will also make camera upgrades since photography is a very hot feature in the market. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: PCMag

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