Get A Complete University Education With This Amazing 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle – Massive Discount Available


Are you trying to compete with people who have had a university education? Do you think that you missed out on things because college education is so expensive and you cannot afford it? Well, don’t feel sorry for yourself because we have something just for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle.

2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle features

This bundle is the affordable way of getting a college degree without the excessive tuition payments. The bundle includes 11 amazing courses that will give you exactly what you need to compete with your peers. Here are highlights of everything the bundle is offering:

  • An Easy Introduction to Python
    Become a Python Programmer in Just a Few Hours
  • Scalable Programming with Scala and Spark
    Get Rich Using Scala & Spark for Data Analysis, Machine Learning & Analytics
  • Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews
    Ace Your Next Programming Interview with These Technical Fundamentals & Interview Tips
  • The Web Development Omnibus: jQuery, AngularJS and ReactJS
    Master Web Dev Essentials All in One Course
  • Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa
    Alexa Skills for Echo & Other Amazon Devices
  • Building Chatbots with Google DialogFlow
    Learn About Google's Answer to Amazon Lex
  • Using Elasticsearch and Kibana
    Scalable Search & Analytics for Document Data
  • From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science in Python
    Make Your Data Fly Using Spark for Analytics, Machine Learning, & Data Science
  • Learn By Example: Scala
    Master This Highly Scalable General-Purpose Language with 65 Examples
  • Software Testing Omnibus: Sikuli, Selenium, JUnit and Principles of Testing
    Cover 3 Technologies & All of the Underlying Principles of Software Testing
  • Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
    Lay the Foundations for Your Web Development Career with Training in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The bundle has been brought to you by Loonycorn. They are basically a venture by two individuals who have honed their skills by working in places like Stanford and Google. They know exactly what they are doing and have the education, knowledge, skills and experience to prove it!

The offer is expiring soon so hurry up and avail now!

Original Price 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle: $1,450.99
Wccftech Discount Price 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle: $39