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Java is the most important web development language and without it the world of web development will not be complete. If you are interested in becoming a developer or are trying to become one, then we have some great news for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the 2018 Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle. The discount will expire soon so you should avail it as soon as possible.

2018 Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle features

The 2018 Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle includes 11 courses and each course has something unique to offer. This investment will not be wasted and you will become an expert developer in no time. Here are highlights of what each course has in store for you:

  • Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms
    Use Data Structures & Algorithms to Solve Programming Problems
  • Learning Functional JavaScript
    Write Functional Web Apps Using Modern JavaScript
  • Web Development with Angular 2 and Bootstrap
    Become an Ace at Creating Stunning Angular 2 Apps Using Bootstrap
  • Universal JavaScript with React, Node, and Redux
    Leverage the Power of React, Redux & Node to Build Complete Web Apps in Pure JavaScript
  • React Native Projects
    Develop Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps More Effectively
  • Vue.js 2 Cookbook
    101 Hands-On Recipes For Building Professional Web Apps with Vue.js
  • Angular 2 Cookbook
    Discover Over 70 Recipes to Face Every Challenge in Angular 2 Head On
  • Angular 2 Deep Dive
    Dive Into the Core Architectural Components & Concepts of Angular 2
  • Responsive Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
    Build Custom Responsive Websites Using Today's Top Tools
  • Mastering JavaScript
    Explore & Master Modern JavaScript Techniques to Build Large-Scale Web Apps
  • JavaScript Design Patterns: 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills
    Deep Dive Into JavaScript Design Patterns to Write Pragmatic Code for An Array of Real-World Programming Situations

I am pretty sure you are convinced of the benefits of this bundle. The question that remains is, when will you avail this superb deal?

Original Price 2018 Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle: $921.93
Wccftech Discount Price 2018 Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle: $29