The 2017 MacBook Air Will Be The Last Of Its Kind As iPad Successfully Cuts Lineup


With the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple finally managed to bring performance intensive computing to a much needed portable level. Launched with the A8X on board, the 12 inch iPad offered heavy duty applications on a tablet, and proved to be quite popular among the company's enterprise users. In fact, encouraged by the tablet's popularity, Cupertino launched a smaller variant of the tablet earlier this year, which came with its own set of upgrades on board. Now, we're starting to hear that the tablet might end up contributing to the end of the company's another highly popular gadget lineup, the MacBook Air.

The 2017 MacBook Air Will Be The Last Of Its Kind Claim Sources As Apple Moves Towards Consolidation

When it comes to Apple, the company's known for its unorthodox approach towards its product lineup. Apart from a strong emphasis on design, Apple also looks at devices as a complete package, rather than an assortment of components. This has paid off for the company most of the time, with only the recent slump of the iPhone looking to deviate from One Infinite Loops's core product principles.

Another aspect that Apple's always prided itself on is the thickness of its devices, with almost every tablet, smartphone or even notebook launch coming with an emphasis on how thin they are. To that end, the MacBook Air has a special place in company history, as the notebook has managed to grab the title of being the thinnest laptop out there for quite a while. Even as this results in a strong compromise on product performance, it does make for an aesthetically sound product, but looks like all this might be over soon.


Now, we're starting to hear from the far East that the MacBook Air that's going to be launched next year by Apple will be the last of its kind. The latest upgrades of the notebook lineup weren't that impressive, with Apple choosing to upgrade RAM and other minimal details. There's very little that Apple can upgrade on the lineup, given dimensional constraints and since the company's A8/9x lineup of processors have consistently managed to outperform Intel's Core-M lineup, the MacBook Air should be discontinued in the future.

We won't be disappointed to see the notebook go away however, as it'll end up illustrating the principle of cannibalization once again, with one product impacting the sales of another. The company's used this quite effectively in the past and we're hoping it'll continue to do so in the future, since its one of the things that separates Apple from others. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.