2 Handy YouTube for iOS Tips Everyone Should Know About


If you are an iPhone or iPad user, then these couple of YouTube tips should be a part of your day to day routine.

Forward or Rewind 10 Seconds in a Video & Quickly Jump Between Full-Screen or Half-Screen Mode

Ever since YouTube arrived on iOS as a dedicated app, there have been a number of improvements in how the software functions. Sure, the ultimate goal of the app is to allow users to stream video at any given time, but, there are features in the app that can make a huge difference in the overall user experience. In fact, we might just take these features for granted. But as soon as you realize that you are going to binge on a series of videos on YouTube, then these features make epic sense. So, without wasting any more time, let's jump into the first feature.

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Switch Between Full-Screen or Half-Screen Video

The most obvious way to jump into, or out of, full-screen mode is by rotating your device into landscape or portrait mode. Furthermore, tapping the 'Full-Screen' button on the bottom right hand corner does the trick as well. Did you know there's a third way as well?

Simply pinch out on a video to jump into full-screen mode. If you want to go back, then simply pinch in. Handy isn't it? And it works best when you have the device orientation locked turned on.

Jump Forward or Back 10 Seconds with Utmost Ease

Using the visual scrubber is the way to go if you want to move things around. But, if you want to jump forward just 10 seconds, or maybe go back the amount, then you can do that as well. Simply double tap on the right hand side of the playing video to jump forward 10 seconds. If you double tap on the left hand side, you'll roll back the video 10 seconds. Pretty slick, isn't it?

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Wrap Up

The above two features might not sound like much, but if you are an avid user of YouTube on mobile, then you should keep these little tips handy. There are times when jumping forward 10 seconds in a video is more than sufficient to get the work done. Now, you know how to do just that, along with a nifty trick on how to jump in and out of full-screen mode without much hassle.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about these tips.