12K Resolution Tested with 3x 4k Monitors and Triple HD 7970s in Crossfire

Usman Pirzada

12k resolution

Most of us are still drooling over having a single 4K monitor setup in our gaming setup, but these guys over at Windows Lab not only set up a 12k Resolution but tested out a DX11 game at 60 Hz constant (30Hz is the 4k standard)! Though there are quite a few reservations we at Wccftech had with the setup in general, hats off for the amazing setup and Custom Driver Build used to make this possible. Without further ado, the 12k setup:

The 12k 60Hz Gaming Setup

3x Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra HD Displays
3x AMD HD 7970s in Crossfire Mode (Primary: ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II)
1x 750 PSU
1x Custom Driver Build
1x Windows 8 OS

12k resolution

Apparently this entire Idea started when testing out these loaned Sharp 4k Ultra HD displays they decided to take the 4 out of the 4k and replace it with a 12, and thus was born the 12k Gaming Resolution. But being true gaming fans they didn’t just stop there, while as 4k is locked to 30Hz they decided they were going to make their 12k at 60 Hz Standard.

The Build Started with a Single Asus HD 7970 Direct CU II chosen for its abundance of display ports and impressive stability. As their ambition grew two more AMD HD 7970s were added to the mix OEM Versions by the looks. They also had to take out the psu from the case to make room for the additional horsepower but no pain no gain right?

12k resolution

This is as far as where a loaded gaming fanatic might have gone to achieve 12k resolution when the real problem appeared. The Crossfire and Eyefinity drivers were clearly not designed to handle such conditions and refused to budge. Instead of giving the windows team decided to implement their own Custom Made Driver Build tailored to the task of implementing this 12k setup exactly.

12k resolution

12k Test Results

12k resolution

Click Image to Enlarge to 12k.

Resolution: 12k (11 520 x 2160)
Game Settings: High (Except Shadow Details and Particles)
Direct X Version: 11
Average FPS: 65
Peak FPS: 70
Gpu Cores Used: 6,144 Total Cores
Pixels Rendered Per Second: 11,520 x 2,160 x 60 Hz = 1,492,992,000

Apparently they were able to play the game perfectly stably at 12k 60 Hz for few minutes every time till the PSU reset due to power overload. Although further tests could not be done due to the fact that they had to ship the monitors back, the 1.5 Billion Pixel per second barrier has been broken and to that I think much has been achieved.

How the 12k Setup could have fared better.

Though we at Wccftech look with reverent eyes to these pioneers, we still feel that some negligence was done to something this epic.

  • First and foremost, if you can make a Custom Driver Build the least you can do is get a 1000W+ Psu to nicely power the 12k setup.
  • Secondly we feel that 3x 7970s was a bit of a mistake, since the real thing that will matter at a 12k resolution is Vram (and Vram doesn’t add up in Crossfire or SLI) and with 3x 7970 the 3GB of Vram would have been split into 3 leaving only 1 gb to each card!
  • Thirdly we feel that a choice of 2x Titans (3 Gb Vram Apiece) or 3x Titans (2gb Vram Apiece) would have made a far better choice with the 12k setup able to play even most games at maxed out settings.

Finally, Kudos to the team.

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