These 10 Hot iOS Apps Are Absolutely FREE Today – Download Them All


Here's a list of 10 iOS apps that are absolutely free to download today. These apps carry a premium price tag on a regular day. Hurry up and get them all!

10 Great Paid iOS Apps Are Free to Download Today

The drill is absolutely simple. We will list down 10 handpicked iOS apps below that carry a price tag on a normal day. But for a very brief period of time you can download them absolutely free. So, pick up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and get downloading!

Red Dot Camera - Regular price $2.99

Looking for an iPhone camera app with the look and feel of a professional manual camera? Red Dot Camera is the first camera app to bring rangefinder-style manual focus and exposure features to iOS, taking creative mobile photography to the next level.

Download Red Dot Camera for iOS

Flying Slime - Regular price $2.99

Little slime uses their tentacles to travel around, moving like the spider man. Smart slime their special skills to elude the harvester in survival mode. Try to find out the spirit stone in single mode.

Download Flying Slime for iOS


AG Drive - Regular price $3.99

AG Drive is a futuristic racing game in which you race blazing fast anti-gravity craft against opponents on spectacular tracks. Amazing graphics, great controls, and plenty of game modes and races combine to create a unique racing experience.

Download AG Drive for iOS

M/S Processor - Regular price $0.99

M/S Processor is an Audiobus-compatible iOS application intended for audio professionals requiring Mid/Side (M/S) signal processing.

Download M/S Processor for iOS

Pixel Cup Soccer - Regular price $0.99

Pixel Cup Soccer is a retro-style arcade soccer game with simple controls and fun, addictive gameplay. Choose from 32 national teams to play friendly matches, the Pixel Cup championship, and awesome fun player-versus-player matches!

Download Pixel Cup Soccer

Reflow - Regular price $1.99

reflow is a new way to play with your iDevice and the world! Using the realtime camera image, the game abstracts your environment into a black and white level. Let virtual fluids flow on everything that meets your cameras eye. Use whatever you like - friends, objects, pets, strangers - to solve the given challenges in the most unique way. Play wherever you want - parties, bars, parks, schools, the office - do it alone or collaboratively with friends and colleges.

Download Reflow for iOS

Evel Knievel - Regular price $1.99

Have fun doing wheelies, flips, loops and many other stunts. Negotiate flaming hoops, springboards, cranes and many other exciting obstacles.

Download Evel Knievel for iOS

ACDSee Pro - Regular price $6.99

Capture, perfect, and share your photos with ACDSee Pro for iPhone. ACDSee Pro combines an innovative camera, a powerful photo editor, and a convenient collage maker with all the tools you need for a great mobile photography experience.

Download ACDSee Pro for iOS

BEAKER by THIX - Regular price $2.99

Explore 150 chemicals in a virtual lab in the BEAKER app. Add in chemicals, heat it up, and shake your device to start reactions. Pour them out to clean it up. Or team up with your friends to pour chemicals between each other via AirMix™.

Download BEAKER by THIX for iOS

Gangfort - Regular price $1.99

GANGFORT is an awesome action team-based shooter platformer game sweetened with the 8 bit pixel art style! Run, jump, shoot and do whatever it takes to help your team win a round!

Download Gangfort for iOS

Wrap Up

Absolutely make sure before downloading that the above apps and games are free in your region. There's a high chance not every title would be free everywhere.