Zalman Launches GeForce GTX 660 Equipped with VF1500 Dual-Fan Cooler

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GeForce GTX 660 VF1500

Zalman, a leading provider of hardware cooling solution has launched the GeForce GTX 660 graphics card equipped with their latest VF1500 Dual-Fan cooler.

Zalman GeForce GTX 660 VF1500 GPU

The Zalman GeForce GTX 660 comes with a reference PCB design featuring a 4+1 Phase VRM, 960 Cuda cores on GK-106 chip and a 2 GB GDDR5 memory that operates along a 192-bit interface. Core clock is maintained at the standard 980 MHz with Boost clock at 1033 MHz and 6008 MHz frequency for the memory. The card offers two-way SLI support and display options include Dual-DVI, HDMi and a display port.

Cooling to the GeForce GTX 660 is provided through Zalman’s VF1500 cooler that comes with a black metallic shroud with two transparent 92mm fans that transfer cool air to the large aluminum fin array block below them. Heat through the GPU is carried by four copper heatpipes that end up in the fin block. Heat is carried out through the ventilation panel at the front.

The Zalman GeForce GTX 660 VF1500 is currently shipped in APAC region. Zalman also plans to launch the VF1500 Dual-Fan cooling solution in first quarter of 2013, it would be supported by high-end GPUs such as the GTX 670and Radeon HD 7950.

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GeForce GTX 660

GeForce GTX 660

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