XBOX Live Marketplace selling Halo: Reach for $1250!!

Rizwan Anwer
Aug 22, 2010
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As if the game being leaked early wasn’t bad enough the game is also available on XBOX Live Marketplace for a whooping 99,999 Gamerpoints (ITS OVER 9000!!!!)

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Interesting offer their Microsoft, but there IS a catch to this amazing offer. You CAN buy the game for $1250 BUT you can’t play it unless you have a CODE given only to reviewers so basically Microsoft is luring unsuspecting (VERY RICH unsuspecting consumers I might add) into a very clever trap! but you must first be able to afford a $50 game for more then 20x its retail price.

I mean really? Microsoft COULD mention that the game can’t be played without a reviewers code rather then showing it as an item that can be played after purchase.

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Source: JoyStiq

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