Xbox One: Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle

Jeff Williams
Mar 10, 2015
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Microsoft has released their newest official Xbox One bundle. Now available for purchase is the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One bundle, for a cool $345 USD.

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Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle is now available for purchase.

That $349 USD will get you the console itself, in all black so not a special edition, one controller, the sweet Xbox chat headset, a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial as well as a digital download certificate for Halo: Master Chief Collection.

The new bundle comes at a time when the multiplayer matchmaking issues seem to have been resolved almost completely. It’s unfortunate that such an iconic franchise has been wrought with so much misery and issues. But it seems that they are getting a handle on those issues and have finally resolved the largest game destroying bugs that were found.

There were times when I would be in the lobby, waiting to connect, for as much as 30 minutes at a time. That’s not something that holds peoples attention, no matter how patient you are. The wait time has been cut down to be a fraction of that, around 5 minutes or less, depending on the time of day. But Halo isn’t just about the multiplayer, either.

Thankfully, the gameplay and visuals are all very solid and the great single player campaigns that we know and love have been ported over with no modification or issues. So for those that enjoy reliving old games, you may still enjoy the single player aspect of it too. I think it’s the very intense and engaging stories that brought us to love it in the first place, and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Even if you’ve recently played the Halo series, the MCC brings a certain amount of replay value that may be worth it to you.

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