Windows Phone Mango update now live in Taiwan

Ammar Malik
Sep 16, 2011

The web has been flooded with rumors regarding the release date of the much awaited Mango update for Windows Phone. Initially it was 1st September, then it was 15th. Both came and went but no one got the taste of Mango. There are several RTM ROMS available for HTC phones and for the daredevils out there getting Mango should take around 10 minutes. But there’s always a risk involved with unofficial flashing and so for the not so daredevil at heart people, the wait continues, unless of course if you happen to reside in Taiwan.

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Reports are coming in that Mango update has gone live for HTC users in Taiwan. Since Zune does not support that region yet fully, users will have to take their phones to HTC stores to have it manually flashed. Not the most elegant way, but hey if it works I wouldn’t mind paying a visit. Currently the update is only for Mozart and HD7. The new firmware files are:

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RUU_Mozart_S_hTC_Asia_WWE_4.06.707.00_5.69.09_RELEASE (download)
RUU_Schubert_S_hTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_4.05.728.01_Radio_5.69.09.29a_22.50.50.21_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE (download)