WCCFtech Deals – Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle

Jeff Williams
Nov 19, 2015
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And now time for you name your own price for another great bundle of courses. This time we have game development course bundle that has three total courses with two locked unless you want to beat the magic price.

Game Development

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Game development bundle that you can get for at least a dollar.

What courses are being offered today if you name your price? Three magnificent examples of how to make good games, as if you knew nothing about it, in HTML5 and Unity. The first course that you’re guaranteed, even if you pay just a dollar, is Game Development for Non-Coder’s, itself a 5 course bundle full of programmatic learning wonder.

Pay up to the average price (which is $6.95 right now) and you’ll unlock the first five course bundle titled Game Development for Non-Coder’s. If you pay more than the average, then you’ll unlock the other two bundles, HTML5 App & Game Development (6 course bundle) and Unity 3D Game Development & Design (a 4 course bundle). All of these are designed for someone with little to no knowledge of programming and game development. Why not get started today, for only a dollar. Just on dollar is all it takes.

Official Rule Blurb:

With the Pay What You Want bundles, you can get something incredible for as little as you want to pay while making the world a better place. And if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the fully upgraded bundle!

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10% of the profits from your purchase will go towards Project HOPE, who delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to respond to disaster, prevent disease, promote wellness and save lives around the globe.

Make the Top of the Leaderboard at ANY point during the sale and gain 5 entries to our exclusive giveaway! Make it onto the leaderboard at ANY point during the sale and gain 1 entry to our exclusive giveaway!


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