WCCFtech Deals – A Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, Get Building

Jeff Williams
Oct 2, 2015
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The Raspberry Pi 2 is a device that has almost limitless possibilities. What ever your heart, or imagination desires, you can do with the Raspberry Pi 2 kit. And we’re enablers of getting people educated and interested in technology, so we have a bundle that’ll get you a Raspberry Pi 2 and has some fantastic courses to teach you how to do virtually anything with it.

$115 nets you five fantastic courses from Udemy plus your very own Raspberry Pi 2 and a starter kit of accessories that can show you how to take your Pi to the limits.

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Raspberry Pi 2

Learn to code with a Raspberry Pi 2 and some great course bundles.

Sometimes playing is the best way to learn, and being guided on the basics of the Raspberry Pi 2 is almost exactly like that. You’re putting something together that’s not terribly difficult, designing short bits of code to do small fun things, and you’re learning along the way! Plus really, who doesn’t want to build a fire-breathing dragon that’s controlled by your Pi? Or even controlling your home appliances, or making your Raspberry Pi 2 a great little intrusion detection system on your network. Anything is possible. An for $115, why not take the plunge and start creating fantastical things?

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What is the Raspberry Pi 2? What can it do?

  • Game, compute & program 6x faster than w/ the previous version
  • Enjoy wider compatibility w/ the new ARMv7 quad core processor
  • Benefit from more memory: 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB (it has doubled!)
  • Run more apps simultaneously without lag
  • Use w/ all of the accessories made for the B+
  • Get backward compatibility w/ most Raspberry Pi Model B+ projects
  • Connect a Raspberry Pi camera & touchscreen display (each sold separately)
  • Stream & watch hi-definition 1080P video

What courses do you get?

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