Watch Counter-Strike: GO one hour gameplay

Posted 5 years ago

Counter-Strike, a renowned first person shooter is getting revamped with a classical graphics interface and UI improvements. The game was announced a couple of months ago and is scheduled for a 2012 release while the betas could be on their way. Previously there was only a preview which showed how the game would be changed until today a one hour footage of the game was released, given after the break.

Released in 2000 on PC, Counter-Strike, developed by Valve conquered the gaming era, becoming the number one online game in no time. Owing to the success of CS, Valve introduced Counter-Strike: Source for enthusiasts, both of them being played by a great number across the world. Counter-Strike has ruled for almost a decade and now Valve has announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,


It won’t be a completely new counterstrike but it will be a modified and tweaked version of the existing Counter-Strike engine. For example Aztec and Dust maps will not be changed except for the visuals and minor passages for example in dust, a staircase will be added to aid Terrorists from the counter terrorists snipers. The buy menu is completely revamped showing off new weapons.

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