How to get video calling on Facebook

Ammar Malik
Jul 7, 2011
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If you haven’t heard about the new video calling feature on Facebook, you’re not alone. This bombshell of an announcement almost went unnoticed. There was nothing on Facebook regarding this. Or maybe it’s accidentally revealed before it was suppose to? Who cares. The point is  you can get it working right now with a few clicks!

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  • Go to
  • Press get started
  • Start a chat with someone. Press the video calling button on the top right corner of the chat window (shown above)
  • Download and install the file it will ask for
  • Reveal yourself to the world!

Facebook video chat is powered by Skype, which now happens to be a property of Microsoft. Please note this may or may not work for you since it’s not ‘properly’ released yet.

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