Uncharted 3 E3 trailer and cruise liner gameplay shown

Posted 5 years ago

Nathan Drake treasure hunter extraordinaire is well known for his ability of getting in trouble and blowing up things around him, this time his target is a giant cruise liner 🙂

While they didn’t show anything new that isn’t already in Uncharted 2 (The silent takedowns are still the same) Aside from the water part there is no exciting part in the game :D.


Along with this game play trailer there is also a E3 2011 trailer

The trailer shows the return of Chloe, Sully and of course ELENA :D. The trailer alone shows a lot of interesting scenes such as Drake nearly falling out of the back of a cargo plane, him escaping rushing water and jumping through windows. This is without a doubt one of THE BEST Uncharted games of all time.

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