Turn your iPhone into a Microscope for only $10

Rizwan Anwer
Sep 7, 2010
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The iPhone is a very versatile device, you can use it for facebook, browsing the net, keeping all your music and videos on the go, and even use it as a phone! but did you know for as little as 10$ you can turn this beauty into a fully functioning microscope too!? I could hardly believe this myself, all you need is this $5 Microscope available off Amazon and an iPhone 4 Body Glove case

and this is what you will get in the end:

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Although it isn’t pocket friendly anymore you can save space in your lab by using your iPhone as a Microscope and you can even nick name it the “MicroPhone” (lol geek joke).

Here is a video showing the MicroPhone in action:

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Source: CrabfuArtworks

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