Trendnet launches USB 3.0 adapters

Syavash Pahore
Jun 18, 2010
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TrendNet, a popular company that makes networking hardware has introduced two new USB 3.0 adpaters. The TU3-H2PIE model priced at $50 and the TU3-H2EC model pricet at $60.

TU3-H2EC model  has two USB 3.0 ports for connecting various devices. It is backward compatible with USB2.0 which means you can still use your old USB2.0 devices with it. Designed for a laptop, itt plugs into any available Expresscard slot for instant access to  5GBPs tranfer speeds. The card powers devices through a external power adapter.

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TU3-H2PIE model is designed for personal Computers, plugs into any PCI-E Slot and is backward compatible with USB2.0 just like the TU3-H2EC.  It gets power through the PSU with a 4pin power connector to run any plugged in devices.

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