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SoftwareWeb 2 weeks ago

Opera Releases Browser For Desktop With Free Built-in Unlimited VPN – Download It …

Opera has just released an updated version of its developer based browser, and it comes packed with a bunch of great fea…
microsoft edge extensions
SoftwareWeb 2 months ago

Microsoft’s Edge Extensions Get Official Website Ahead of Expected Release

Windows 10 users have been expecting to see Edge extensions for a long time now. Extensions remain one of the most requ…
Apple About To Run News Ads But They Look Awfully Familiar
Web 2 months ago

Apple About To Run News Ads But They Look Awfully Familiar

Looks like Apple has brought in a new ad format for sponsored posts, and they will start to appear in users’ news feed…
windows 10 data collection
SoftwareWeb 2 months ago

Microsoft Starts Baking Windows 10 Ad Generator Inside Security Updates

Whenever a security update is released for any product or service, we often recommend our readers to update at earliest …
YouTube Music Has Officially Been Launched For Both Android And iOS
Web 2 months ago

How To Access Hidden YouTube Playback Settings Page

Here’s how you can access the hidden YouTube playback settings page on the Web in a few simple steps. YouTube has …
web developer
DealsWeb 2 months ago

Today’s Deal: Build 14 Websites and Become an Expert Web Developer for $14

Web development makes for a lucrative career. While many want to be a part of this industry, very few actually become s…
Web 2 months ago

How To Loop YouTube Videos For Eternity

Here’s how you can loop a video on YouTube and have it play for eternity. Complete details can be found here. YouT…
Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp
DealsWeb 3 months ago

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp: Save $1,250 on 57+ Hours of Hands-On Instruction

Ruby on Rails can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. In this extensive and content-rich Ruby on Ra…
Web 3 months ago

Find Out Who Else Is Using Your Netflix Account

Here’s how you can find out if someone else is using your Netflix account, and on which device. Netflix offers a b…
MobileSoftwareWeb 3 months ago

How To Turn Off Twitter’s ‘Show Me The Best Tweets First’ Feature

Here’s how you can turn off the new Twitter ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ feature right away on iOS,…
Web 3 months ago

Kickass Torrents Now Lets You Stream Torrents Too

We knew this would eventually happen, and it finally has. Following the footsteps of The Pirate Bay adding torrent strea…
Google Drive
Web 3 months ago

Google Giving Away 2GB Of Free Drive Storage, Here’s How To Get it

Here’s how you can get 2GB of free Google Drive storage space by running a simple security check online. Google ca…
Web 3 months ago

The Pirate Bay Now Lets You Stream Torrents Right From Your Web Browser

Having made it to the news for all the wrong reasons, the infamous Pirate Bay (TPB) is taking a mighty turn, allowing us…
Web 4 months ago

These Were The Top 25 Worst Passwords Of 2015 – Yes, They’re Really Stupid

When it comes to passwords, we take different routes to make sure that our personal information is as secure as possible…
Apple Has Patented A Way For iPhone Users To Store Data On Cloud Through Fingerprint Recognition
SoftwareWeb 4 months ago

Apple Has Patented A Way For iPhone Users To Store Data On Cloud Through Fingerprint Rec…

After being the first to incorporate a fingerprint recognition system we all have come to know and love as Touch ID, the…
iPhone 6s Becomes The Most Searched Consumer Tech Item For 2015
MobileWeb 5 months ago

iPhone 6s Becomes The Most Searched Consumer Tech Item For 2015

While Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus was not a part of the most searched item for the consumer tech category of 2015, it looks…
MobileSoftwareWeb 5 months ago

Facebook Rolling Out Live Video To All, Including New Collage Feature

Facebook is at the forefront in the world of social networking. Over the years, the company has done wonders in terms o…
Facebook break
IndustryWeb 6 months ago

Facebook’s New Feature Will Help You Forget About Your Ex

Facebook is rolling out a new set of tools that will help you forget about your ex in the swiftest manner possible. We&#…






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