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IndustryWeb 1 month ago

Tumblr to Start Scanning User Photos for Brand Affiliation Data

Tumblr is about to sign a deal with a photo-analytics startup, Ditto Labs. Cambridge, Massachusetts based company analyz...
Web 3 months ago

A New Android ‘RAT’ Appears – Serious Banking Threat Could Be On The...

A new ‘RAT’ or a Remote Access Tool has been discovered running on the Android platform. While RATs are comm...
GeneralWeb 4 months ago

[Update] WCCFTech Presents The Brand New WCCF Forums

[Update]: We have fixed the initial issues with the forum. The forum should now be working at a 100%. Well, this is a ge...
android 4.4
SoftwareWeb 9 months ago

Factory Reset Android – How to Erase Your Android Phone Before Selling It

Selling your old phone is a good way to make quick cash. When you get your new Nexus 5,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this holida...
unlocked sim-free iphone 5s
IndustryWeb 10 months ago

Apple Offers Unlocked, SIM-Free iPhone 5s in U.S.!

Apple has just updated its U.S. online store with an offer of selling unlocked SIM-free iPhone 5s models. This is the fi...
s4 thumb
ReviewGadgetsWeb 1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

With Samsung reveling in the success  of the best seller smartphone on the planet without any doubt, the Samsung’s Ga...
SoftwareWeb 2 years ago

Google Input Tools offer Transliteration keyboards for upto 90 languages!

If you’ve been using Google Translate on Windows or Android application or have difficulties in typing in your lan...
iphone_unlock (1)
SoftwareWeb 2 years ago

Guide to Enable Two Step Verification on Apple ID / iCloud / iTunes

Finally Apple has rolled out the much-focused-on two-step verification for Apple ID (iTunes, iCloud, App Store, etc). Tw...
Web 2 years ago

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Launches All New File Sharing Site

One year ago the popular file sharing site, Megaupload was shut down by the US government for illegal file sharing. Foll...
SoftwareWeb 2 years ago

Fix No Connection – Retry error message on Google Play Store App

When on the Google Play Store, we very often get this No Connection – Retry error message simply at times when we leas...
SoftwareWeb 2 years ago

Facebook For iPhone App Gets A New Super Fast Update

Without a doubt Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Facebook for iPhone app is perhaps one of the most...
play youtube in background
Web 2 years ago

YouTube App For iPhone 5 And iPad Updated With New Features

Apple made a number of changes in iOS 6. One of these changes was the discontinuation of the native YouTube app. Come to...
SoftwareWeb 2 years ago

Google Earth 7.0 For iOS Brings 3D Maps And More, Download Now!

Apple and Google are not only rivals in the mobile platform industry, they have also become rivals in the mapping indust...
IndustryWeb 2 years ago

ISP Company wi-tribe Pakistan Gets A New CEO

Islamabad, 05 July 2012: Qtel Group today announced the appointment of Wasim Ahmad as the new CEO for wi-tribe Pakistan....






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