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Facebook break
IndustryWeb 4 days ago

Facebook’s New Feature Will Help You Forget About Your Ex

Facebook is rolling out a new set of tools that will help you forget about your ex in the swiftest manner possible. We&#…
Facebook Reactions
MobileWeb 2 months ago

Facebook Announces ‘Reactions,’ A Six Emoji Extension For The Like Button &#…

Facebook has today taken the wraps off a new feature which the company is calling ‘Reactions.’ The feature …
Apple Watch
SoftwareWeb 2 months ago

Outlook For Web Introduces ‘Likes’ And ‘@Mentions’

Everyday, we might have liked or tagged someone in the post for the purpose of sharing. We are living in the age of soci…
MobileSoftwareWeb 2 months ago

Android And Web Hosts Gmail’s New ‘Block Sender’ And ‘Unsubscrib…

PR flacks would have made us all crazy if it wasn’t for email filter which have existed since a long time. In that…
GeneralIndustryWeb 3 months ago

Google Unveils Its New Logo – Video

Google has just unveiled its brand new logo which the company will be using on the Web and across different services t…
bing snake
GamesWeb 3 months ago

Remember the Old Classic “Snake” Game? It’s Back, Now on Your Browsers

Do you often get the cravings of playing the old classic Snake game? Microsoft understands your cravings and is bringing…
Web 3 months ago

Google Brings Tweets From Twitter Straight To Desktop Search Results

Google has today announced that it will be integrating tweets from Twitter right into its search results on the desktop…
MobileSoftwareWeb 3 months ago

WhatsApp Web For iPhone Rolling Out To Users, Here’s How To Set It Up

WhatsApp Web for iPhone is now rolling out to iOS users around the globe. While the rollout is a staggered one, we’…
Web 5 months ago

Microsoft Makes A Much Better YouTube Search Engine Than Google

It might be difficult to overthrow Google’s YouTube as the undisputed champion of online video searches, but software …
Web Browsers About To Get Faster Thanks To Google, Microsoft, Mozilla And Apple
Web 5 months ago

Web Browsers About To Get Faster Thanks To Google, Microsoft, Mozilla And Apple

For all web developers, JavaScript is the programming language that allows the World Wide Web to thrive efficiently. Ove…
facebook security
SecurityWeb 6 months ago

Set up PGP to Get Secure Email Notifications from Facebook – New Feature

Facebook has announced today that users can share their OpenPGP keys on their profiles for increased email notifications…
My Accounts
GeneralWeb 6 months ago

Google’s ‘My Account’ Now Offers Enhanced Management Controls Over Pri…

Annoyingly, Google knows a lot about its users preferences and priorities in terms of enumerable elements. However, litt…
silk road
IndustrySecurityWeb 6 months ago

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced to Life in Prison

Ross Ulbricht, founder of the notorious online marketplace Silk Road, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday in Manha…
SoftwareWeb 6 months ago

Google Teams Up With GoPro To Bring YouTube VR

With the announcement of Google’s latest mobile operating system Android M, which is all set to be released later this…
firefox thumb
SoftwareWeb 6 months ago

Firefox for iOS in the Works, Will Soon Get “Limited” Beta

It has been a long time in coming, but Firefox for iOS is no longer just a pipe-dream. A Mozilla blog post has confirme…
GeneralSoftwareWeb 6 months ago

iCloud Services Hit By Severe Technical Issues [UPDATE: Fixed]

Apple’s usually-reliant iCloud service appears to have been struck by major technical issues today, leaving many u…
web security ssl tls
SecurityWeb 6 months ago

Critical Encryption Bug Affecting Millions Might Have Enabled NSA’s Attack on VPNs

A new vulnerability that is on the critical level of HeartBleed has been discovered by the security researchers. Codena…
popcorn time
GeneralWeb 6 months ago

You Can Now Run Popcorn Time Right From Your Browser!

Popcorn Time, the popular movie app for iOS, Android, and just about any other platform you could name, has just been la…






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