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SoftwareWeb 3 days ago

Firefox for iOS in the Works, Will Soon Get “Limited” Beta

It has been a long time in coming, but Firefox for iOS is no longer just a pipe-dream. A Mozilla blog post has confirme…
GeneralSoftwareWeb 6 days ago

iCloud Services Hit By Severe Technical Issues [UPDATE: Fixed]

Apple’s usually-reliant iCloud service appears to have been struck by major technical issues today, leaving many u…
web security ssl tls
SecurityWeb 6 days ago

Critical Encryption Bug Affecting Millions Might Have Enabled NSA’s Attack on VPNs

A new vulnerability that is on the critical level of HeartBleed has been discovered by the security researchers. Codena…
popcorn time
GeneralWeb 1 week ago

You Can Now Run Popcorn Time Right From Your Browser!

Popcorn Time, the popular movie app for iOS, Android, and just about any other platform you could name, has just been la…
ios 7 safari tips
SecuritySoftwareWeb 1 week ago

Safari Spoofing Bug on iOS, OS X Opens Door to Malware

The more heavily we rely on digital products, the more vigilant we should be of attacks. Apple’s ecosystem was onc…
Web 1 week ago

Google Working On A RAM Consumption Fix For Chrome Browser

Google Chrome might have overtaken Mozilla’s Firefox browser in terms of the amount of monthly users, but there are se…
apple watch

Jailbreak Expert Gets Browser Running On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is considered useful for a number of reasons, but of its general functions, the majority are designed t…
popcorn time
SoftwareWeb 4 weeks ago

Popcorn Time To Be Blocked in the United Kingdom

Popcorn Time, the movie streaming service that is seen as the Netflix of the torrent world, has been dealt a major blow …
IndustryWeb 2 months ago

It Lives; Here’s How Microsoft’s Going To Hide Internet Explorer In Windows …

With Windows 10, Microsoft’s bringing several changes to the platform due to popular demands for revamping Windows…
GeneralSoftwareWeb 2 months ago

Here’s How To Set Up WhatsApp Web For iPhone

WhatsApp’s Web service was launched earlier on this year, permitting those on mobile devices to continue their con…
SoftwareWeb 3 months ago

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Talks About Expanding Service To Music

Snapchat is on the verge to achieve dazzling new heights nearly with a $19 Billion equity so far. However, there seems t…
Facebook logo
SecurityWeb 4 months ago

Facebook Claims Service Disruption Was Due To Internal Changes – Not Hacking

Around 1PM Eastern Time today, several social networking and sharing services went offline. The downtime lasted for arou…
SoftwareWeb 4 months ago

Translate Spoken Language To Text Through Google Translate App Update

Google translate app deals 90 different language translation either written or spoken which is available on Apple’s Ap…

Xbox One Designer and Xbox Live Founder Leaves Microsoft

The engineer behind Xbox Live, development of Xbox One and Microsoft XNA game development tools has left Microsoft this …
IndustryWeb 5 months ago

The Right Choice: Sony Will Release The Interview Today At 1 PM ET Online

Sony Pictures has been the center of a major conspiracy these days, with the studio being the victim of a large scale ha…
lawyer logo
IndustryWeb 5 months ago

Hollywood Vs. Goliath – Google Strikes Back And Sues State AG Jim Hood

The Sony Pictures hack which occurred a while back seems to have far reaching consequences that affect more than one maj…
IndustryWeb 5 months ago

Let The Games Begin: Six Hollywood Studios Unite Against Goliath (Google?)

Just four days back, we saw a group naming themselves as GOP hack Sony Pictures in one of the biggest data heists this y…
SecurityWeb 6 months ago

Regin – How A Presidential Office And An Entire GSM Network Were Compromised And I…

Just two days back, researchers over at Symantec discovered a highly sophisticated computer bug dubbed as ‘Regin&#…






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