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MobileSoftware 5 months ago

How To Customize And Lock Maximum Volume Limit On Your iOS Device

Kids these days are prone to loud music. Headphones are the main source of loud audio that reaches their ears without di…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Dropbox Shutting Down Mailbox And Carousel, Facebook Makes Similar Move

Today is a rather interesting and eyebrow raising day. Dropbox, the file sharing and storing mammoth has announced that …
android game development
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

HTC HD2 Gets Android Marshmallow ROM Port – We’re Not Making This One Up

Released back in 2009, the HTC HD2 is still a device that manages to turn heads thanks to its odd ability to run almost …
galaxy s6 android 6 marshmallow screenshots
LeakMobileSoftware 5 months ago

Samsung Redesigns TouchWiz Before Rolling Out Marshmallow for Galaxy S6 – Leaked S…

Reports leaked earlier in November claimed that Samsung’s latest darling, the Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, will …
iPhone Brightness
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

How To Access Super Low Brightness Mode On iPhone, iPad

Here’s how you can access super low brightness mode on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for a better reading experience …
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Apple Silently Raised iTunes Match Song Limit For Some Users

It looks like Apple silently raised the 25,000 song limit for the iCloud Music Library and iTunes Match. The report come…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Apple Is Giving Away Afterlight iOS Photo Editing App For Free

There are plenty of photo editing apps on the App Store, and it’s a fact that we’ve made clear time and time…
Nexus 5X
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Washed Out Colors On Nexus 5X, 6P, Nexus Player? You’re Not Alone

If you’er experiencing washed out colors on your Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Nexus Player, then don’t panic. It…
MobileSoftwareWeb 5 months ago

Facebook Rolling Out Live Video To All, Including New Collage Feature

Facebook is at the forefront in the world of social networking. Over the years, the company has done wonders in terms o…
Windows 10 Xiaomi
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Windows 10 Mobile ROM For Xiaomi Mi 4 – Download & How To

You can now download the Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 Android smartphone right away and flash it onto your dev…
SiriMote feature
Software 5 months ago

Control Media Playback On Mac Using Apple TV Siri Remote

Here’s how you can control media playback on your Mac using Siri Remote that comes bundled with Apple TV 4. Apart …
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Video Shows The New Apple TV Streaming Steam Games From PC

Developer Kevin Smith has tweaked some open source tools in the new Apple TV to stream games from a PC. Previously, we …
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Android Marshmallow Update For HTC One M8, M9 Releasing This Month

The official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for HTC One M8 and One M9 will start rolling out later this month. HTC One M…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

How To Disable / Enable iMessage ‘Read Receipts’

Here’s how to disable or enable iMessage ‘read receipts’ on iPhone, iPad or Mac OS X. iMessage is extr…
Monument Valley
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Monument Valley Gone Free On The App Store

Monument Valley is a beautifully designed puzzle platformer which has gone free on the App Store. The game has received …
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.25.16 PM
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Google Chrome Browser For iOS Updated With 3D Touch, More Keyboard Shortcuts

For a lot of users, Safari is the go-to browser on the iPhone and iPad. But some users prefer third-party offerings, and…
Windows 10 Xiaomi
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Windows 10 For Xiaomi Mi 4 Coming Later This Week

Windows 10 for Xiaomi Mi 4 handset is coming later this week, the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed. Xiaomi is a key pl…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

“Cydia Online” Goes Live As An Unofficial Website

A new website by the name of “Cydia Online” is now live that provides direct links to various repos, package…






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