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Facebook Introduces Facebook Lite for Low Specification devices (Download APK)

For the people living in the developing countries, Facebook has focused its insights purely on the low end specification…
IndustrySoftware 1 day ago

Top 10 Must Have Material Design Apps For Any Android Lollipop User – Check Them O…

The year before, Google showcased its design made for the future namely, Material Design. It had these bold colors, flat…
how to set music app to stop playing music in ios
AnalysisSoftware 2 days ago

Stream Millions Of Songs On iOS Legally and Free With BOOMiO

When you’re in a mood for some groove, you play a song, while all you get is an ad-befuddled view or a 30 second clip …
Software 2 days ago

Download Latest Windows 10 Build And Experience Cortana And Xbox App Firsthand Here

Microsoft unveiled several new features on Windows 10 just three days back which included several upgrades to the Window…

Microsoft Reaches an Agreement to Acquire Revolution Analytics

To understand what Revolution Analytics is, you first need to know what the term Big Data implies. Big Data means any a…
GeneralSoftware 3 days ago

Here’s How You Can Now Unlock Your MAC Using Touch ID From Your iOS Device

The launch of iOS 8 brought many new features to your door step. One such feature was Handoff which connects your iOS de…
happy birthday android
Software 4 days ago

Secure Your Text Messages With SMS Encryption App

Everyone has that one friend who asks your phone for a phone call, and once you put your mind away for a while, and Woos…
Software 4 days ago

Google Chrome Update For iOS Adds Handoff Support, Material Design And More, Download No…

Chrome has been left in a state of rest for a long while now while recently, Google launched a classy update for the iOS…
GamesSoftware 5 days ago

All The Gaming News From Windows 10 Event

Finally we’ve lived through the gaming part of the Widows 10 event and it gave us quite a few surprises. Some of t…
IndustrySoftware 5 days ago

Take A Look At All Of Cortana, Spartan And Windows 10 Goodness Showcased By Microsoft To…

Its here folks, finally we get to see some more consumer features on Microsoft’s Windows 10, which should be avail…
IndustrySoftware 6 days ago

Cortana Spartan And Continuum – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 E…

With Microsoft’s Windows 10 event all set to take tomorrow, its time to take a quick recap at what we know about t…
how to speed up google chrome
Software 6 days ago

Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS: How To?

The Chrome Remote desktop is nothing new that the Google has to offer but since it’s inauguration,  iOS had been left…
GadgetsSoftware 6 days ago

Boost Your Experience With GBBM Mod For Blackberry Messenger on Android

If we glance upon Blackberry’s history, it had almost conquered the smartphone market in its glory days and everyo…
GadgetsSoftware 1 week ago

Turn Any Webpage into A iOS 8 Notification Center Widget With Glimpse

As far as Apple’s mobile features are concerned, iOS 8 has contributed a lot to show, even though it still remains sil…






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