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MobileSoftware 17 hours ago

Give Your iPhone A New Look With Round Folders Without Jailbreaking – How To

The iPhone is great and all, but the restrictions imposed by Apple to customize your Home screen or an other place is re…
apple watch
MobileSoftware 20 hours ago

Apple Watch Running Windows 95 Is The Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today – …

Since the launch of Apple’s wearable, we have seen a lot of tricks put up in front. However, one unsatisfied hacke…
windows 10 tips
Software 1 day ago

How to Control Windows 10 Notifications – Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Annoyed by the number of alerts you receive from different apps and services on your Windows 10 machine? Improving on t…
swiftkey keyboard
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

Apple Has Found A Way To Prevent Those Ultra-Embarrassing Autocorrect Mishaps

According to a newly filed patent application by Apple, it seems as though the company has found a way to prevent us fr…
Dragon Hills
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is ‘Dragon Hills’ – Direct App Stor…

Apple has revealed its free App of the Week and the honor goes to ‘Dragon Hills.’ More details on the title…
Safe Mode
Software 2 days ago

How To Boot Your Mac Into Safe Mode

Here’s a complete guide on how you can boot your Mac into safe mode and troubleshoot a bunch of different issues y…
Apple Music
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Apple Music Concept Shows Aligned Interface With Linked Accounts And More – Video

It has been quite a while since Apple unveiled its music streaming service to the public. As positive it has been for th…
windows 10 ad
Software 3 days ago

Microsoft is Now Disrupting Live TV Newscasts to Recommend Windows 10

Still haven’t upgraded your PC to Windows 10? Microsoft wouldn’t stop haunting you until you do so. Determin…
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Apple’s Carekit Platform Launched With Support For Four Health Apps

Apple’s open source CareKit platform was announced last month in a media event that deems to provide assistance to…
Android TV
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

You Can Now Control Your Android TV With Your iPhone Or iPad

The Apple TV has grabbed a lot of traction since its launch. Apple’s set-top box that debuted last year has receiv…
G925VVRU4CPC2 Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G925VVRU3BOG5
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

How to Flash CRISSCROSS Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have received the official Android Marshmallow updates, however, there is no fun like the…
windows 10 mobile lumia
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

New Screenshot Capture Sound and Action Center Improvements Coming to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft released Windows 10 Redstone Preview build 14332 to both the Mobile and PC Insiders. While the latest preview…
Samsung Pay Will Now Let You Withdraw Funds From ATM Machines
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Samsung Pay Will Now Let You Withdraw Funds From ATM Machines

It was only matter of time before Samsung Pay started to evolve beyond the barriers of mobile payments. The transaction-…
Apple logo
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

iOS 9.3.2 Public Beta 3, OS X 10.11.5 & tvOS 9.2.1 Beta 3 Released

Apple has released a barrage of beta software and the list includes iOS 9.3.2 public beta 3, OS X 10.11.5 and tvOS 9.2.1…
Google Maps icon
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

New Google Maps For iOS Update Brings With It A Widget We All Have Been Waiting For

Google Maps for iOS has been updated for iPhone, iPad, and it brings with it a widget which many of us will find absolut…
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Netflix Will Let You Use Your Google Play Account For Billing – At Long Last

If you’re an iOS user, then you already know that you can pay for your Netflix subscription by utilizing your iTun…
Cyte Cydia
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

SilentMessenger Lets You Enhance Your Messenger And Facebook Privacy

If you’re concerned about your Facebook privacy then do take note that the social media platform does not let you …
App Store icon
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Download These Paid iPhone Apps For Free – Today Only! (Worth Over $20)

If you’re itching to download a couple of paid iPhone apps but your wallet isn’t allowing it, then you’…






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