windows 10 forced upgrade
IndustrySoftware 6 months ago

“You are all gonna FREAK OUT when you see” the New Windows 10 Features

Now that both the Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile are available to users, it’s time to talk about the next big…
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Celebgate Hacker Charged Over Stealing Private Data – Reveals How He Did It

In September 2014, the FBI launched an investigation after private photos of a number of celebrities were leaked online …
qualcomm snapdragon security
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Security Exploits Put Over a Billion Devices Powered by Snapdragon SoCs at Risk

Qualcomm claims that its Snapdragon processing chips power more than a billion devices. What most users don’t know…
iPhone 8 Will Be Running A Chip Made A Single Digit Manufacturing Process
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

iPhone 8 Will Be Running A Chip Made On A Single Digit Manufacturing Process

With all the good things we are already about iPhone 7, iPhone 8 is definitely going to be game changer when performance…
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

The iPhone SE, iPad Pro Mini, FBI, iOS 9.3 & March 21; Here’s Everything To E…

As Apple’s event for March 21st gets confirmed, industry speculation on what to expect from the company in less th…
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

Edward Snowden Claims That The FBI Is Lying As Eddie Cue Defends Apple In iPhone Unlock …

Apple’s managed to stay a part of the news consistently over the past couple of months, despite the company’…
Apple Let us Loop you in
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21st ‘Let Us Loop You In’ Media Event

It’s official and the cat’s out of the bag, Apple will be holding a special media event on the 21st of March…
IndustrySoftware 6 months ago

Google’s AlphaGo Defeats World No 2 Lee Sedol In Go; A Game With A Trillion Moves

Even though software in general increases its influence in our lives on a daily basis, artificial intelligence is still …
Here Is You Can Increase Your Storage On Your 13 inch MacBook Air
IndustryNotebooks 6 months ago

Apple To Upgrade MacBook Air And Pro With Skylake This March Claim Sources

As things settle down in the Android world, soon we’ll get to see Apple’s March event, all set to take place…
R9 Fury
HardwareIndustry 6 months ago

SK Hynix To Commence Mass Production of 4 GB HBM2 DRAM In Q3 2016 – Aiming at NVID…

SK Hynix is planning to commence production of their HBM2 DRAMs in Q3 2016, as reported by The source reveals …
IndustrySoftware 6 months ago

Notorious Ransomware KeRanger Infects OS X; Effects To Start Surfacing Tomorrow

As technology and gadgets become an increasing part of our lives, users continue to cede over control to devices and sof…
apple fbi
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Tech Titans and Privacy Groups Join Apple’s Legal Fight Against the FBI

The public may be divided on whether to support Apple or the FBI over their latest legal battle on encryption, but tech …
Eric Schmidt
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Pentagon Wants You to Hack Its Websites – Also Hires Google’s Eric Schmidt

The Department of Defense is inviting hackers to attack its websites to test the security of its websites and networks.…
facebook arrested
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Encryption Haunts Tech Companies: Facebook VP Arrested Over Refusal to Share Data

As Apple fights its legal battle with the FBI over user privacy, other tech companies are dealing with similar conflict…
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Snapchat Employee Falls for a Phishing Scam, Revealing Payroll Information

A Snapchat employee fell for a phishing attempt when a scammer impersonating Snapchat’s Chief Executive Officer Ev…
bruce sewell apple encryption
IndustrySecurity 6 months ago

Apple-FBI Battle Goes to Congress: What Apple will Say at Today’s Hearing

Today, Apple will make its first appearance before Congress since the tech giant received orders to break security measu…
Xperia X Performance Colours
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

The Xperia Z Is No More; Sony Announces Retirement Of Popular Lineup

The smartphone landscape has evolved quite a bit over the past two years or so, with high specifications, unique feature…
IndustryMobile 6 months ago

This Crazy iPhone 7 Concept Is Far From Reality

You may have seen a lot of iPhone 7 concepts in the past few months, but what we’re about to show you is completel…



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