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IndustrySecurity 3 months ago

Anonymous Launches “Electronic Holocaust” Against Israel – Dumps Crede…

As reported earlier, hacktivist group “Anonymous” had vowed an “electronic holocaust” against Is…
Windows logo
AnalysisIndustry 3 months ago

Microsoft Preparing Its Own Mobile Payment Platform Called Microsoft Payments

Microsoft has embarked on the road to compete against Apple pay and Google Wallet in the Mobile Payment Services. Recent…
Red Dead Redemption 2
GamesRumor 3 months ago

[Updated] Red Dead Redemption 2 To Be Unveiled At E3 – Will Come to PS4, Xbox One …

[Update] E3 2015 has come and went with no announcement from Rockstar regarding Red Dead Redemption 2. With Gamescom jus…
GadgetsGeneralIndustry 3 months ago

Roku 3 Officially Launched: Contains Voice Search, Faster Streaming And Much More

When it comes to digital video recorders (DVRs) there are many choices for customers nowadays and so due to immense comp…
Halo (2)
GamesIndustry 3 months ago

Microsoft Throws Copyright Complaint At Halo Online Modders

Last month Microsoft announced a new free-to-play title – Halo Online, for the PC. Halo Online is being developed …
apple bbc documentary
Industry 3 months ago

When The 5K Wasn’t Enough – Apple Launching 8K Retina iMac Later This Year

Apple upped the bar significantly last year with the launch of the 5K Retina iMac. With the 5K display the Retina iMac c…
Game of war logo
GamesIndustry 3 months ago

Kate Uptons Advertisement Doubles Game of War Revenue – Watch Video Here

By now you have probably seen the Kate Upton advertisements featuring on the t.v. nowadays for the free to play online g…
HardwareIndustry 3 months ago

Judge OK’s Class Action Against AMD Over Unsold Llano APUs

A Califronia Judge ruled that AMD will now face claims of securities fraud from company shareholders over the troublesom…
Industry 3 months ago

Google Brings Back Old Memories With Pac-Man in Google Maps

Remember the days you just sat back, relaxed and played games all day long when getting work done was the least of your …
IndustryWeb 3 months ago

It Lives; Here’s How Microsoft’s Going To Hide Internet Explorer In Windows …

With Windows 10, Microsoft’s bringing several changes to the platform due to popular demands for revamping Windows…
Gog com
GamesIndustry 3 months ago

GOG Offers DRM-Free Copies Of Your Retail S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games

GOG is a really good store and site in general, recently they updated their refund policy to a 30 days period instead of…
antutu logo

Galaxy S6 Duo Bags the Top in AnTuTu Performance Tests – But, Qualcomm Wins!

As we have just bid farewell to the first quarter of the year with some lovely April fool tricks, it’s time to foc…
Samsung Smart Watch
Industry 3 months ago

Samsung’s $11 Billion Month Pushes Apple’s Market Shares to Take a Dip

Our dear Sammy seems to be getting back into the game quite fiercely. How things change! Struggling with a rather crapp…
GadgetsIndustry 3 months ago

Sony Working on a New 6-inch Smartphone to Deal with Declining Profits

Many in the industry believe that Sony might be under a lot of water with rumors even indicating the selling of the smar…
dice 1
GeneralIndustry 3 months ago

Create An Unhackable Password By Using Dice

What’s the best way here to keep your information at the highest level of security?  Especially, when hackers are bec…
snapdragon 810
HardwareIndustry 3 months ago

Qualcomm Delays Snapdragon 815 Launch to Not Hurt the Sales of 810-Powered Smartphones

Qualcomm had a pretty bad start of the year with Snapdragon 810 facing overheating issues. While we saw some earlier rum…
slack hack
IndustrySecurity 3 months ago

Slack-Hack Got User Passwords Compromised – Now Offers Two-Factor Authentication

Reaching to become one of the top chat room service for team communications, Slack is definitely getting popular. This…
Gog com
GamesIndustry 3 months ago

GOG Extends Their Refund Policy To 30 Days Worldwide

When Valve recently updated the wording on their refund-policy for Steam users in the EU, they made some interesting cha…






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