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Google’s AlphaGo Defeats World No 2 Lee Sedol In Go; A Game With A Trillion Moves

Even though software in general increases its influence in our lives on a daily basis, artificial intelligence is still something many users believe to be a part of a distant future. Fully sentient machines have been, for the majority of our lives, part of Sci-Fi flicks. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been progress […]

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Apple To Upgrade MacBook Air And Pro With Skylake This March Claim Sources

As things settle down in the Android world, soon we’ll get to see Apple’s March event, all set to take place in just two weeks from now. Quite a few products have been rumored for this event, which just might manage to outshine the generally larger iPhone launch affair that takes place in September each […]

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SK Hynix To Commence Mass Production of 4 GB HBM2 DRAM In Q3 2016 – Aiming at NVIDIA Pascal and AMD Polaris GPUs

SK Hynix is planning to commence production of their HBM2 DRAMs in Q3 2016, as reported by The source reveals that SK Hynix will be initiating full fledged mass production of 4 GB HBM2 DRAMs in Q3 ’16 and followed quickly with 8 GB HBM2 DRAMs in Q4 ’16. SK Hynix will be aiming to […]

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Notorious Ransomware KeRanger Infects OS X; Effects To Start Surfacing Tomorrow

As technology and gadgets become an increasing part of our lives, users continue to cede over control to devices and software. Apple, known for its closed systems, has always in particular provided security as one of the primary reasons behind its unorthodox ways; a fact that’s become even more pervasive over the course of the […]

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Tech Titans and Privacy Groups Join Apple’s Legal Fight Against the FBI

The public may be divided on whether to support Apple or the FBI over their latest legal battle on encryption, but tech leaders and privacy groups are taking a clear stand with Apple. A large number of leading tech companies – including Apple’s biggest rivals – joined Apple’s legal fight on Thursday. Apple gets support from […]

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Pentagon Wants You to Hack Its Websites – Also Hires Google’s Eric Schmidt

The Department of Defense is inviting hackers to attack its websites to test the security of its websites and networks. Calling it “the first cyber bug bounty program in the history of the federal government,” the DoD says only “vetted hackers” will be accepted to join this pilot program. The Pentagon has also tapped Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric […]

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Encryption Haunts Tech Companies: Facebook VP Arrested Over Refusal to Share Data

As Apple fights its legal battle with the FBI over user privacy, other tech companies are dealing with similar conflicts with the authorities all over the world. Earlier today, the police in Brazil arrested Facebook’s most senior executive in Latin America over the company’s refusal to provide user information. Facebook VP arrested for “repeated non-compliance” Facebook’s […]

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Snapchat Employee Falls for a Phishing Scam, Revealing Payroll Information

A Snapchat employee fell for a phishing attempt when a scammer impersonating Snapchat’s Chief Executive Officer Evan Spiegel requested some information from an employee in the payroll department. The successful phishing attack resulted in an unfortunate leak of payroll information of some of the company’s current and former employees. User data wasn’t exposed in any way, […]

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Apple-FBI Battle Goes to Congress: What Apple will Say at Today’s Hearing

Today, Apple will make its first appearance before Congress since the tech giant received orders to break security measures on an iPhone linked to the San Bernardino attacks. The U.S. House Judiciary Committee announced that both the FBI director James Comey and Apple’s General Counsel Bruce Sewell will be testifying at a congressional hearing on encryption. Sewell […]

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The Xperia Z Is No More; Sony Announces Retirement Of Popular Lineup

The smartphone landscape has evolved quite a bit over the past two years or so, with high specifications, unique features and large scale launches having become common. Where we once saw several devices come into the market, each with their special offerings, these days the scope of mobile launches has narrowed down significantly. We’ve seen […]

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This Crazy iPhone 7 Concept Is Far From Reality

You may have seen a lot of iPhone 7 concepts in the past few months, but what we’re about to show you is completely something really different. The main aspect of the concept is a wide flexible display for all of you who love their media big. Not that the concept would be implemented, it’s […]

7 months ago 29

Foxconn Buys Sharp; New Displays On The iPhone 7?

As we see the focus of the smartphone world shift on Samsung and LG’s due to their ;aunches of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and the LG G5, Cupertino manufacturer Apple has still managed to stay a regular part of the news. Aside from the company’s ongoing tussle with the government, expected launches of the iPhone […]

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LG G5 Pricing And Availability Details In The US

As you already know, LG has released their flagship for the year 2016 a few days back at the Mobile World Congress. This year again, LG took us all aback with the new design aesthetics of the G5 and how it cracks open to fit other LG-made accessories. Not at all have we seen a design […]

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Apple-FBI Public Battle Takes an Interesting Turn: Ex-NSA Chief Backs Apple, Public in Favor of the FBI

In its fight with the FBI, Apple may not have the expected public support, a new report published by the Pew Research Center claims. On the other hand, a former NSA and CIA chief is saying that Apple is right on the bigger issue of encryption. The latest in the Apple FBI ongoing battle: The survey conducted […]

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Apple Is Only ‘Exploring’ Cars And Is Positive About iPhone, Says Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has suggested in a Fortune interview that the company is yet not wholeheartedly dedicated to building a car. However, the idea is only for the sake of exploration. Moreover, the CEO points that hiring a high-profile team to work for a project was not the plan that the company dedicated itself […]

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Smartwatches Overtake Swiss Watch Shipments All Thanks To The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been around for quite a while now. Being an accessory for the iPhone, it did not catch enough sales as its complementary half, but it did lead the category to outshine traditional Swiss watches. That’s right, the Apple Watch has helped the smartwatches to overtake Swiss watch shipments for the very […]

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Tim Cook Fights for User Privacy, Finds No Support from Other Tech Leaders

This week has been a wild one for Apple fans, privacy activists, people advocating that security concerns trump privacy laws, and just about everyone else who reads the news. The Apple versus FBI battle began when a federal judge ruled that Apple has to assist the authorities in unlocking an iPhone 5c that belonged to a […]

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NVIDIA Announces Q4 FY16 Earnings – Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of $1.40 Billion and Record Full-Year Revenue of $5.01 Billion

NVIDIA has announced their earnings for Q4 2015 of $1.40 Billion which is an increase of 7% from the previous quarter that was $1.30 Billion. NVIDIA has also posted their earnings for the Fiscal Year 2016 which stands at a record $5.01 Billion, up 7% from $4.68 Billion in the Fiscal Year 2015. During the […]

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Tim Cook’s Open Letter On Security: We Will Never Build An iPhone Backdoor

Apple takes a lot of pride in the fact that they have industry leading protocols for ensuring the best there is in terms of security and privacy for its customers. Due to this reason, at times, the company comes under fire as it refuses to share personal information of users with law enforcement authorities. And […]

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The iPhone 7 To Feature Increased Display Resolutions As Apple Supplier Upgrades Critical Components

When it comes to the rumor/speculation mill, separating fact from fiction is an art that takes some time to master. Given the nearly countless amount of sources out there, we’ve seen a plethora of information surface with regards to flagship smartphones and tablets, and while some get confirmed at launches, others bite the dust. That […]

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AT&T To Bring Carrier Network Speeds That Will Eclipse 4G LTE – Here’s how

This is absolutely great news for AT&T subscribers because the company has unveiled some groundbreaking revelations regarding networking speeds that will eclipse 4G LTE. Is the firm working on 5G tech? AT&T Testing Out 5G Technology That Will Eclipse 4G LTE By 10-100 Times The Bandwidth – Exciting right? According to the latest roadmap outlined […]

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Apple Employees Offered Up To $23,000 For Log In Details By Hackers

In the increasingly connected global world, it takes moments for information to spread from one corner of the world to the other. That’s one of the primary reasons of the popularity of the leaks/rumor mill as tipsters always manage to find ways to bring confidential corporate news online. While what (if any) role manufacturers have […]