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mars rover logo
Industry 2 years ago

Mars Rover will Continue its Lonely Mission even after US Government Shutdown and NASA A…

Unless you have been living under a rock you would be aware that the US Government was (partially) shutdown after a bill…
fps logo
Industry 2 years ago

30FPS will Always Deliver Better Story-Telling than 60FPS in Games – Heres Why

Update: Joke’s over folks. Google Satire. Apparently it isn’t obvious enough and is being blown out of propo…
android Privacy Disaster bug
Industry 2 years ago

The Top 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Feature Rumors

You would undoubtedly be aware that the next major version of Android will be called Android 4.4 “KitKat”. W…
direct x logo
Industry 2 years ago

Why Open GL and Not DirectX should be the API of Choice for AAA Games

OpenGL Vs DirectX is Perhaps One of the most underrated debates of all time. Many people dont even completely understand…
console logo
Industry 2 years ago

Showdown: PS4 Second Screen vs Xbox One SmartGlass

With the current gen console war drawing ever closer to its inevitable ending, the stakes are getting higher for fans of…
android Privacy Disaster bug
Industry 2 years ago

Android 4.4 Might Mandate Nano SIM On All Smartphones – Nexus 5 Already Has One.

Well it all began with the Ukranian Carrier Life , and if you are wondering, yes,  the smiley is included in the brand …
GamesIndustry 2 years ago

Why China Will Finally Bring an End to the Console War – PS4 Vs Xbox One

You must have heard that China is lifting its 13 year ban on consoles. What may seem relatively insignificant news to ma…
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

Press Release: Intel and Flume Make “Intelligent Sounds” Togather – Pe…

INTEL AND MUSICAN FLUME MAKE“INTELLIGENT SOUNDS” TOGETHER Press Release: Original Flume track performed by tablets w…
Radeon Logo
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

AMD GPU 14 Livestream Event Coverage – Live Blog [Updated]

The AMD GPU 14 Livestream Event in Hawaii will begin soon at 3 PM EDT. The gpu 14 event is widely anticipated since it w…
Logo Apple iPhone
Industry 2 years ago

Apple’s Touch ID Finger Print Scanner has been Hacked – Becomes Nothing More…

Well that didn’t take long did it? It only took two days for Apple’s greatest security measure, the Touch I…
Logo Apple iPhone
Industry 2 years ago

Apples Secret Finally Revealed? – iPhones Touch Latency Blows Rivals Away

According to many Apple Fans, iPhones and iPads have always felt more ‘responsive’ and ‘natural’…
iPhone 5S Thumbprint Scanner
Industry 2 years ago

iPhone 5S Thumbprint Scanner finally Revealed

Well we have always wanted a smartphone with a thumb print scanner. Remember those fake apps in which you scanned your t…
Apple iPhone 5c
Industry 2 years ago

Apple iPhone 5C Revealed at iPhone Event – Specs, Details and More

So the first drift from Apple’s High Class Appeal. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the iPhone 5C, the consumer f…
Apple iPhone 5c
Industry 2 years ago

Apple iPhone 5S Revealed at iPhone Event – iPhone 5s Features, Specs and Details

This is it folks, the moment we have all been waiting for, not really The Official Reveal of the iPhone 5S. There was a …
Apple iOS 7 Released
IndustrySoftware 2 years ago

Apple iOS 7 Release Date Revealed (18 September) at iPhone Event

Craig Federighi, in the iPhone Event announced the reveal of the iOS 7. Mr. Craig said, “Virtually overnight hundr…
gold iphone 5s
IndustryMobile 2 years ago

How to Watch Apple Event Online – Follow these Blogs!

In just about half an hour, Apple is going to unveil its iPhone models including a regular Apple iPhone 5S, and a cheape…
virgin galactic logo
Industry 2 years ago

Virgin Galactic Test Flight Successful – Consumer Space Tourism Launching in 2014

If you are one of those guys who think that commercial space flight won’t start in your life time, Virgin Galactic…
EditorialIndustry 2 years ago

DEF CON – the hackers’ annual conference

Many people must be wishing that the devil could cast his net on a small part of Las Vegas during the first week in Augu…






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