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Stacked memory
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

AMD Working With Hynix For Development of High-Bandwidth 3D Stacked Memory

AMD has announced that it would be jointly working with memory manufacturer SK Hynix in the development of next generati…
Industry 2 years ago

Report: Chinese ‘Xbox One’ Launch to happen in 2014 according to Chinese Sou…

We have just received some very interesting information from a couple of Chinese Sources, notably: (a big Ch…
Industry 2 years ago

Intel Creates and Extends Computing Technology to Connect and Enrich Lives

PAKISTAN, Lahore, December 12, 2013: 2013 was an exciting year for Intel in the Asia Pacific region. Technology innovat…
IndustryMobile 2 years ago

iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – What We Know

The Next gen phones, iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are all the hype nowadays. The Galaxy S5 is touted to be release…
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

Death Of Underage Worker Of Apple’s Supplier Sparks Controversy – Pegatron

It’s been some time since news regarding the working conditions of Apple’s major suppliers has reached us. F…
ubuntu touch mobile os
Industry 2 years ago

Ubuntu Touch OS Coming to High-End Smartphones in 2014

Ubuntu Touch mobile OS wins first partner! Ubuntu has finally managed to seal its first deal to supply the Linux based t…
12 days of gifts us app
Industry 2 years ago

Apple’s “12 Days of Gifts” Now Available for US Customers Too – …

12 Days of Gifts US app: Apple has released its annual 12 Days of Gifts app for iOS devices today to celebrate Christm…
china mobile iphone preorders
IndustryMobile 2 years ago

China Mobile Kicks Off iPhone Preorders this Thursday – 4G from December 18

China Mobile’s official website is advertising iPhone 5s pre-order sales beginning from this Thursday. A few days …
iphone 6 and samsung galaxy s5
IndustryMobile 2 years ago

Supposed Galaxy S5 Benchmark Leaks – Browsermark

The Samsung SM-G900F another supposed phone which can be the upcoming Galaxy S5. Before some benchmarks were leaked of …
IndustryMobile 2 years ago

The Next Generation Of Cellular Networking – 5G

Ever since the introduction of the internet, the web and other computer related devices, man has been yearning for more.…
Industry 2 years ago

High School Dustup between Samsung and Nokia on Twitter

Oops! Did we just witness another Twitter battle between some apparently mature companies. Today, Nokia took on Samsun…
IndustrySoftware 2 years ago

Windows Phone To Overcome iOS : Forbes

The two most popular OS, Android and iOS may have some competition after all. According to Forbes, Windows phone has the…
apple campuses
Industry 2 years ago

Apple’s Campus 2 Construction – Images of Demolition

Apple’s Campus 2 project structure is going to be more awe-striking than 5th Avenue and the Shanghai store. After …
galaxy s5 launch date price specs
Industry 2 years ago

The Best Smartphones to Look Forward to in 2014

It’s crazy! 2013 went so good in terms of newer smartphones and newer ideas (hint: curved displays and good looks)…
2 Million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail Accounts compromised by Hackers
Industry 2 years ago

2 Million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail Accounts compromised by Hackers

Over 2 million accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail have been compromised by hackers. This was done by ma…
China Mobile says No Deal with Apple yet. Denies News Reports.
Industry 2 years ago

China Mobile says No Deal with Apple yet. Denies News Reports.

There has been a lot of clamor in the online news media about Apple striking a potentially multi-billion dollar deal wit…
AT&T introducing contract-free Mobile Share Value Plans, New 18 Month AT&T Next Option
Industry 2 years ago

AT&T introducing contract-free Mobile Share Value Plans, New 18 Month AT&T Nex…

US cellular market is changing, that is for certain. After T-Mobile’s “un-carrier” move, AT&T is now beginnin…
Industry 2 years ago

US Trolled Everyone for 20 Years – Nuclear Launch Codes were apparently 00000000

We cant count how many movies we have seen regarding US’ Nuclear Missiles and their Launch Codes. However a profes…






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