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GTX 660 Ti
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

ORIGIN PC Announces Shipping Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti’s In Desktops

The guys at ORIGIN PC are very much excited to announce the launch of Nvidia GTX 660 Ti graphics cards in their high end…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

ASUS Unleashes the GeForce GTX 660 Ti Featuring DirectCU II Cooling Design

Leading Hardware manufacturer, ASUS today unleashed its complete GeForce GTX 660 Ti Series lineup featuring its highly a…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

NVIDIA Officially Launches the GeForce GTX 660 Ti GPU – New Weapon of Choice For G…

NVIDIA, today finally launched its GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card which offers the best price to performance ratio in …
HD 7950
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

AMD To Announce Price-Cuts on Radeon HD 7800 Series and HD 7950 After GTX 660 Ti Launch

AMD is planning to give further price cuts to its Radeon HD 7000 series lineup after the launch of NVIDIA’s GeForc…
Industry 3 years ago

Club 3D Official Sponsor for Square Enix at Gamescom

Club 3D, a worldwide supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, it announces today that i…
GeneralIndustry 3 years ago

Computers And Personal Items Worth $60000 Stolen From The House Of Steve Jobs

Billions of people around the world mourned in unison as Apple’s beloved co-founder Steve Jobs passed away last Oc…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

AMD Boosts Radeon HD 7950’s Clock Speed to Tackle upcoming GeForce GTX 660Ti

NVIDIA is on the verge of launching its new GeForce GTX 660Ti and to tackle it AMD has already given its Radeon HD 7950 …
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

Cooler Master Announces its new K-Series Chassis Lineup

Cooler Master, an industry leading case, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today unveils a full l…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

Enermax Intros Triathlor 80+ Bronze Power Supply Series – Empowers your PC with pa…

ENERMAX introduces all new 80 PLUS Bronze power supply series, the Triathlor, ranging from 385 to 550W.  Triathlor inhe…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

Complete List of Reference and Factory Overclocked GeForce GTX 660Ti’s Leaked R…

The complete list and specifications of GeForce GTX 660Ti Reference/Factory Overclocked models from various vendors have…
NVIDIA Quadro K5000
Industry 3 years ago

NVIDIA Maximus Fuels Workstation Revolution With Kepler Architecture

NVIDIA today launched the second generation of its breakthrough workstation platform, NVIDIA Maximus, featuring Kepler, …
AMD FirePro W9000 Workstation
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

AMD Launches World’s Most Powerful Workstation Graphics Lineup Featuring GCN Core …

Today, AMD launched its latest line of workstation graphics, leading with the AMD FirePro W9000 Graphics Processing Unit…
Industry 3 years ago

AMD Launches Worlds First FirePro A300 Series APU – Specifications and Performance…

Today AMD launched the AMD FirePro A300 Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) for entry-level and mainstream desktop …
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

Swiftech Introduces New Maelstrom 5 ¼” Dual Bay Reservoir

Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech announced today the release of the Maelstrom 5 ¼” Dual Bay Reservoir. The produ…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

ELSA Launches the GeForce GTX 680 4GB and GeForce GTX 670 S.A.C Edition Graphic Cards

ESLA, An NVIDIA AIC partner today added two GeForce 600 Kepler based products to its inventory – The 4GB GTX 680 a…
GadgetsIndustry 3 years ago

New iPhone Display Developed By Sharp, To Be Shipped This Month

It is only a couple of months until Apple unveils its next generation iPhone. As is the tradition, we have countless rum…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

ASUS Launches the Ultrabook S Series

New ASUS S Series ultrabooks combine performance with more storage and media options while remaining in a highly attract…
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

EK Releases Water Blocks for EVGA SR-X Motherboard and MSI’s R7970 Lightning

EK Water Blocks, premium water cooling gear provider, has released two new water blocks – the EK-FB KIT SR-X for E…






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