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IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Sony Working on a New 6-inch Smartphone to Deal with Declining Profits

Many in the industry believe that Sony might be under a lot of water with rumors even indicating the selling of the smar…
dice 1
GeneralIndustry 1 year ago

Create An Unhackable Password By Using Dice

What’s the best way here to keep your information at the highest level of security?  Especially, when hackers are bec…
snapdragon 810
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Qualcomm Delays Snapdragon 815 Launch to Not Hurt the Sales of 810-Powered Smartphones

Qualcomm had a pretty bad start of the year with Snapdragon 810 facing overheating issues. While we saw some earlier rum…
slack hack
IndustrySecurity 1 year ago

Slack-Hack Got User Passwords Compromised – Now Offers Two-Factor Authentication

Reaching to become one of the top chat room service for team communications, Slack is definitely getting popular. This…
GamesIndustry 1 year ago

GOG Extends Their Refund Policy To 30 Days Worldwide

When Valve recently updated the wording on their refund-policy for Steam users in the EU, they made some interesting cha…
Samsung AMD

Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD To Compete With Intel And Qualcomm Head On

A fresh report from South Korea has just surfaced with claims that Samsung will allegedly attempt an AMD buyout to compe…
Azure logo

Microsoft’s Azure App Service Launches Today – A New Set of Tools For Develo…

Microsoft is launching its new cloud based App service today which will give developers a single outlet to develop mobil…

Analysis: Windows 10 Updated From Pirated Predecessors Won’t Be Legit

Just as Microsoft’s operating systems were getting a bit predictable and innovation was dying out, Microsoft annou…
AMD Logo
HardwareIndustry 1 year ago

Ex AMD CEO Rory Read Joins Dell As COO

Rory Read, AMD’s ex CEO who has been replaced by Lisa Su last year will be joining Dell as COO and president of gl…
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
GamesIndustry 1 year ago

Metal Gear Solid Director Hideo Kojima Leaves Konami

Rumors have been flying around about Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and his production company parting ways with …
apple google
IndustrySoftware 1 year ago

Google to Bring Official Android Wear Support for iOS – Confirms 4.4 Code

Google has been working on bringing support for iOS devices with Android Wear, “iOS related code” in Android…
GamesIndustry 1 year ago

Steam Now Offer Refunds To EU Customers For 14 Days – Unless You Install The Game

Last week we reported on some sightings of a new and harsher region-locking system on Steam, users reported that they co…
Industry 1 year ago

iCloud Users Experience Mail Delivery Delays – Gmail “too many rejections…

An increasing number of iCloud users is registering complaints of facing Gmail too many rejections issue. This latest…
qualcomm snapdragon 810
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Snapdragon 810-Powered HTC One M9 Becomes the Hottest Smartphone – Benchmark Prove…

How about frying an egg on the back of your phone? Might make your breakfasts a little easier and your phones a little m…
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Oculus Rift Is Still On Track For 2015 Unless Any Unforeseen Situations Arise

With the announcements of Valve’s HTC Vive, and Sony’s Project Morpheus, one might wonder if the Oculus Rift…
Project CARS Logo
GamesIndustry 1 year ago

Project CARS – First Xbox One Gameplay in 1080p HD

Project CARS is an upcoming motorsport ‘Simulation’ game currently under development by Slightly Mad Studios…
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

The Apple Watch Edition Uses Lesser Gold Than Industry Standard Claims Metallurgist

Apple surprised the world for some wrong reasons perhaps with its launch of the Apple Watch this Sunday. The device came…
GamesIndustry 1 year ago

Uncharted 4 Gets Delayed to Spring 2016 to Meet the High Standards of The Dev Team

Earlier, we brought you news about the PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4 running in full hd and churning out a framerate locked …






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