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GeneralIndustry 1 year ago

Scientists Invent Material with Nano Nails That Can Repel All Known Kinds of Liquid

Hydrophobic treatments are somewhat of a niche market to endow on your favorite device or product. Some hydrophobic trea…
Google captcha
IndustrySecurity 1 year ago

Say Hello to reCAPTCHA! Google’s One-Step Plan to Kill Annoying CAPTCHA Tests

Google has announced today that it has launched a new system to differentiate between humans and bots which is way less …
Samsung Smart Watch
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Samsung Looking To Enter The Mobile GPU Race With In-House GPU For Note 5

Looks like Samsung is looking to make some drastic changes in its next Galaxy Note tablet. The manufacturer is allegedly…
Intel Pentium G3258

Death Of Gaming On Dual Core? Far Cry 4 Crashes On Dual Core CPUs

The days of gaming on a budget seem to be coming to an end. More and more games now require quad core CPUs to perform ef…
Samsung Smart Watch
Industry 1 year ago

Samsung Replies – Korean Giant Moves To Block Nvidia GPUs In US

Looks like things have only started to heat up in the law suit triangle between Nvidia, Samsung and Qualcomm. Recently G…
IndustrySoftware 1 year ago

Groups By Facebook – How It Changes Your Networking By Going Back To Basics

Facebook in the good old days was vastly different from what we know and experience today. Back in the first half of the…
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Sony Launches The Exmor RS IMX230 – With 21 MP 192 Point Auto Focus And 4K HDR Vid…

Things have started to look up for next in terms of hardware as we reach the end of this year. Sony has recently introdu…
IndustryMobile 1 year ago

Note 4, Galaxy Alpha, One M8, and, Z3 Make to the Top 10 Performing Phones

Considered as the most trusted name when it comes to mobile benchmarks, AnTuTu has released its official list of top bes…
Industry 1 year ago

Internet as a Utility? Obama Agrees to Keep Internet Out of ISPs’ Claws

President Obama has today released a statement in support of net neutrality pushing Federal Communications Commission to…
happy birthday android
Industry 1 year ago

Android Celebrates its 7th Birthday Today – Powers 85 of Every 100 Phones

Android’s birthday is popularly celebrated on November 5 despite all the controversies around the actual / final d…

Intel Caught Cheating, Gets a Slap on the Wrist 14 Years Later

It’s a bit sad, almost funny when you read news like this. Intel has evidently fabricated benchmarks for their Pen…
HardwareIndustry 1 year ago

AMD Making 20nm APUs For PS4 And XBOX ONE Slim – Will be Smaller, Cooler and Cheap…

This leak comes via a forum post which picked up. And it includes several interesting points …
Industry 1 year ago

Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo – Duo A Winning Combination Says Lenovo CEO

Its official folks. Google has finally taken smartphone manufacturer Motorola off its hand and sold the company to the C…
Industry 1 year ago

Google Working On New Tech To Detect Cancer And Heart Attacks

Google is attempting to make its way into the health sector with folks over at Google X working on new technology that w…
apple pay
IndustrySoftware 1 year ago

Set Up Apple Pay and Start Paying through Your iPhone – iOS Tips

Apple’s NFC based mobile payment system is now all out for you to use with iOS 8.1 release. This system hopes to m…
IBM logo
HardwareIndustry 1 year ago

AMD’s Ex Manufacturing Arm Globalfoundries Strikes $1.5B Deal With IBM

All the way back in June of this year whispers were heard of Globalfoundries buying IBM’s fabs and related intelle…
apple bbc documentary
Industry 1 year ago

The Monstrous 5K Retina iMac Launched – With An Equally Bold Price Tag Of $2499

As expected, alongside the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 2, Apple has also launched a brand new 5K 27 inch iMac. The iMac…
IndustrySoftwareWeb 1 year ago

Samsung Claims To Have Developed 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology – With Speeds Of Up To 575…

Looks like Samsung would like to remind us all that the company is not only about mobile devices and gadgets. Rather tha…






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