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ipad air hidden features
Industry 2 years ago

Apple iPad Air Coming to Various Regional Telcos – GCI, Bluegrass Cellular & …

Next Friday, Apple is all set to unleash its recently-announced iPad Air – the lighter version of previous full-si…
Industry 2 years ago

Tablet Wars Showdown: The Famous Apple vs Google – Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini Retina

While tablets have been around for quite some time, it was the Apple iPad 1 which took the world by storm with its eye c…
Industry 2 years ago

Apple Share Price Hike Inevitable – Mostly to do with iPhone 6

Apple’s share price is estimated to increase as the tech giant moves to announce its quarterly earnings next week.…
Radeon Logo
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Drivers Released – R9 290, 290X Support Added, GTA V Spo…

Following the recent release of the AMD R9 290X, AMD Has rolled out its latest Catalyst 13.11 Beta 6 Drivers. Major thin…
ios 7
Industry 2 years ago

Secret Apple Update Boosts Graphic Performance – iOS 7.0.3 Update

The iOS  7.0.3 Update was seeded to fix minor issues, fixes include accelerometer improvement and revised lock screen …
Logo Apple iPhone
Industry 2 years ago

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Screen Accuracy Benchmarks Shock – Samsung Galaxy III Fare…

The Apple iPhone was the pioneer of high quality highly capacitive touch screens, screen which made their competitors lo…
AMD R9 Series Logo
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

AMD’s New Heterogeneous Queuing will End GPU Slavery – Counter to Nvidia G S…

Nvidia G Sync has been all the news lately, and due to good reason too : G Sync will apparently end all Lag/Tearing/Stut…
Industry 2 years ago

Top 5 Reasons Why iPhone 5s is a better buy than Samsung Galaxy S4

Over the last couple of years in the mobile business, Apple has held its ground ground with just one weapon in its arsen…
ipad vs galaxy tab

Apple iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2

Apple is starting its new iPad Air sales from November 1st; with Surface 2’s launch, the comparison between two ta…
Industry 2 years ago

Apple Releases iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina at the October 22 Event

The Apple iPad Air has just been released at the Apple October 22 Event just now. Starting at $699 If you had been follo…
Industry 2 years ago

Apple October 22 / iPad Live Stream – Live Blog

Live streaming video by Ustream This stream is not hosted by WCCFTech and has been provided to facilitate our Non-Mac No…
Industry 2 years ago

Price and Rumor Roundup Apple iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 and Macbook Pro

As you may know the October 22 Event is literally right around the bend and the rumor mill is running red hot. We have s…
Industry 2 years ago

Sony will pay for You to Watch Twitch without Ads Today

In another grandiose move, Sony will pay Twitch to give you a complete Ad Free Viewing Experience on right now…
Industry 2 years ago

Apple’s Gold iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 have been Spotted!

Well well well, it seems that Apple fans just can’t get enough of Bling. Rejoice Apple fans because it appears tha…
console logo
Industry 2 years ago

Analysts Forecast Next Gen Won’t Outsell Current Gen – We Disagree

ABI Research is a well known consumer research and market intelligence company, they released a forecast that the next g…
mars rover logo
Industry 2 years ago

Mars Rover will Continue its Lonely Mission even after US Government Shutdown and NASA A…

Unless you have been living under a rock you would be aware that the US Government was (partially) shutdown after a bill…
fps logo
Industry 2 years ago

30FPS will Always Deliver Better Story-Telling than 60FPS in Games – Heres Why

Update: Joke’s over folks. Google Satire. Apparently it isn’t obvious enough and is being blown out of propo…
android Privacy Disaster bug
Industry 2 years ago

The Top 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Feature Rumors

You would undoubtedly be aware that the next major version of Android will be called Android 4.4 “KitKat”. W…






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